I'm so happy about this Comeback but i still Miss jaemin :') * * * #nctdream #jeno #renjun #jisung #chenle #haechan #mark #WeYoung #comeback #IMissJaemin:')

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Recette du Jour 😍 50% d'action mélangé à 50% d'ambition laissez mijoter quelques jours et vous obtiendrez 100% de concrétisation, à servir au désert pour apprécier vos 200 % de satisfaction 😂❤️ et vous quelle est votre recette ? 🍀 #recette #mydubai #dubai @hextie
when u haven’t seen your girl for 2 days... 🤗🤗 tag your person 💗 #tiugirls
Какой животик вам нравится больше? 1 или 2? 💞 . Понимаю, что у всех разные вкусы и представления, но мне ближе второй вариант, посуше, но без сильного рельефа 😋 (полоски люблю больше, чем кубы).
#TRANSFORMATIONTUESDAY Started this journey off with pretty damn good genetics and being in petty good shape for the circumstances of my lifestyle. Fast fwd a few yrs. Add in actually dieting and not eating McDonalds every damn day, lifting with structure and a deliberate purpose, substitute countless hrs of cardio instead of partying/drinking 4 nights a week, and VOILA!!! Stop trying to skip the struggle people. This isn't going to be an over night process, so if you're looking for instant gratification, look somewhere else. There will be ups and downs, and times you feel unmotivated, but the body follows the mind. There's always a way to push through it. Make the effort consistent and you're on your way. Yes, everyone's genetic make up allows them to start and/or end at different points, and also determine the amount of time required for certain gains; but I promise you there's no magic pill or substitute for putting in some REAL work. Any of y'all find the "get shredded without doing cardio or dieting pill" please put me on. I rather eat Krispy Kreme and Twinkies than chicken and rice any day of the week! Now let me go get dressed to hit this fasted legs and cardio, so I can eat these donuts later!! 🏃🏽‍♂️💨🍩🍩🍩🐷🐷🐷 #Levels
Great to have these 2 in my corner 👊👊 #DreamTeam
Today is the day you drop it to the floor and move it like you don't care to your favorite song. 🎶 Here's how @alix_dancefit and her #ZumbaBestie do it. 💃 The song? 'Instruction' by Demi Lovato and Jax Jones. To find a class near you, go to our bio! #Zumba #ZumbaClass #DemiLovato 💃: @alix_dancefit @thefairydina
Human zoo By @m_melgrati