• Rumi
    09-Aug-2017 12:59:41 PM
  • She has done drama just to come in focus #mithaliraj
    09-Aug-2017 13:40:14 PM
  • 😍😍😍😍
    09-Aug-2017 13:41:20 PM
  • 👍👍👍👍👍
    09-Aug-2017 13:41:26 PM
  • @shaggyboy2006 everyone has there own way of calming their minds , many great players have something to work on while ongoing match so don't just pass your judgement while sitting in your bed , try reaching that level first
    09-Aug-2017 13:50:06 PM
  • 09-Aug-2017 13:51:09 PM
  • 09-Aug-2017 14:16:55 PM
  • 👌
    09-Aug-2017 14:22:19 PM
  • Kamasutra.
    09-Aug-2017 14:44:27 PM
  • Nyc jii
    09-Aug-2017 14:44:30 PM
  • Super
    09-Aug-2017 14:44:34 PM
  • Captain COOL! ❤❤ @mithaliraj
    09-Aug-2017 15:05:23 PM
  • @sudhanshusingh585 You might be right on your point but seeing his his comment I dont really see him passing a judgement. He later appreciated the indian side
    09-Aug-2017 15:21:28 PM
  • 09-Aug-2017 15:35:26 PM
  • @a.r123max I do felt the same when India lost women's and well as men's final but the thing most people don't understand is how difficult things are on there end , win loose whatever it's just part and parcel of lfy , so people should really watch before saying things . anyways thanks for pointing it out and I do appreciate his concern being a Pakistani it was very welcoming #peace👍👍
    09-Aug-2017 15:47:59 PM
  • 09-Aug-2017 15:52:01 PM
  • Show of
    09-Aug-2017 16:07:22 PM
  • 😘😘😘😘🌷🌷🌷🌷🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳😍😍😍😍😍😍
    09-Aug-2017 16:39:32 PM
  • 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
    09-Aug-2017 19:50:56 PM
    09-Aug-2017 20:37:05 PM
  • Kohli's autobiography
    09-Aug-2017 20:44:52 PM
  • I proud of women Indian cricket team
    10-Aug-2017 03:24:04 AM
  • Jaha parna Tha waha parhai Kiya nehi jaha khelna Hai waha parhai Kar rahe hai
    10-Aug-2017 03:29:58 AM
  • Calm
    10-Aug-2017 04:59:26 AM
  • 10-Aug-2017 05:11:00 AM
  • Truly you very sweet
    10-Aug-2017 05:19:58 AM
  • Hi dear Mithali ji hope All Fine
    10-Aug-2017 07:32:58 AM
  • nice
    10-Aug-2017 07:40:26 AM
  • Outstanding!
    11-Aug-2017 05:35:17 AM
  • @sudhanshusingh585 tell me about mamy greats and their mind calming habit during match.?.if you would have been cricketer you would realize my friend, is it easy or not
    11-Aug-2017 07:49:24 AM
  • @shaggyboy2006 I used to play cricket at some level and I mostly put on my headphones while matches to focus , so technically I do know about it and for example sachin used to do the same in tense matches , sehwag used to sing and there many others just Google it .
    11-Aug-2017 08:08:28 AM
  • You are great mithali raj
    11-Aug-2017 08:43:04 AM
  • sali fukri
    11-Aug-2017 13:00:36 PM
  • Hi, Your post looks great thanks for sharing.
    12-Aug-2017 11:13:42 AM
  • Books are person's best friend...
    14-Aug-2017 04:19:01 AM
  • Loved this post
    14-Aug-2017 07:19:14 AM
  • Great shot!
    15-Aug-2017 00:54:36 AM
  • @preetkaran_singh See you rubbish comment amongst all other appreciating ones !!! Poor of you !
    15-Aug-2017 12:45:15 PM
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