Photo by @lokesh.dang “I love the concept of an open kitchen,” says Lokesh Dang ( @lokesh.dang), who took this photo as he stepped out for a quick bite with a friend. “It makes me feel like the cooks are scientists, experimenting with something new every day.” Follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPinthekitchen.

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    20-Aug-2017 06:43:28 AM
  • Love you more then ĺife?
    20-Aug-2017 19:03:14 PM
  • Take out ?
    20-Aug-2017 19:04:52 PM
  • 21-Aug-2017 07:06:56 AM
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    21-Aug-2017 23:58:36 PM
  • Gt
    22-Aug-2017 16:00:27 PM
  • The number is coming up on me up on a Monday and I'll get it for my day or night night and I get home 🏡 my day and my night is time to tcome my hair to get me to tutoring my and later on and I'll be up home early tomorrow night and at home least I have time mashup day is home and I have come to my house to get my car and my I will have to get my number and I'll get it back for you and I your my friend will or not have you got me to go on a trip date you with my friend lol 😂
    23-Aug-2017 15:07:26 PM
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    24-Aug-2017 10:54:01 AM
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    26-Aug-2017 10:29:36 AM
  • Ñam
    27-Aug-2017 22:56:34 PM
  • Wonderful 👏
    28-Aug-2017 07:13:08 AM
  • Cool chef
    28-Aug-2017 16:26:56 PM
  • wow nice chef
    29-Aug-2017 00:06:51 AM
  • @lokesh.dang Like this shot
    30-Aug-2017 07:07:07 AM
  • Nice chef
    30-Aug-2017 13:14:09 PM
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    08-Sep-2017 11:38:18 AM
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    08-Sep-2017 11:38:20 AM
  • Buster is doing very well thank u. Jelly and buster are so cute together
    09-Sep-2017 23:14:28 PM
  • OMG💕😊
    11-Sep-2017 02:19:23 AM
  • sdxcuoiwur
    13-Sep-2017 13:42:11 PM
  • Hzcneos duduwxuwiq uwiqs aiqidiw
    13-Sep-2017 13:42:29 PM
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    03-Oct-2017 14:46:31 PM
  • wen i'm not beezeen i'm in the kitchen
    03-Oct-2017 17:35:41 PM
  • Style
    06-Oct-2017 06:37:44 AM
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