Photo by @rojothellama “More like a dog than a llama” — that’s how Shannon Joy describes today’s #WeeklyFluff, Rojo ( @rojothellama), a 15-year-old, 400-pound (181-kilogram) therapy llama. “Most llamas are always looking for threats — they’re often used as guard animals — but Rojo stays present,” says Shannon, who manages a small herd of therapy llamas with her mother, Lori, in the Pacific Northwest. “He understands he’s large and stays still in crowds, using his long neck to reach for treats from new friends.” When Shannon’s family moved to rural Washington when she was a kid, her mother was on the hunt for “cute lawn mowers.” They came across llamas and fell in love. Inspired by a moment between Rojo and a disabled child, Shannon, Lori and Rojo passed a certification class and began sharing Rojo as a therapy llama in 2007. Now, Mountain Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas brings Rojo and his small herd — often dressed up in silly costumes — to everything from memorial services to weddings, nursing homes to college campuses. “Most people respond how you’d expect: incapable of not smiling,” says Shannon. “Llamas aren’t like dogs or cats. They’re new. They offer a genuinely unique expression of curiosity and happiness.” Watch our Instagram story now to meet Rojo and his herd.

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  • دکترم بهترها
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  • They aren't toys😠😟😓
    05-Sep-2017 19:59:44 PM
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  • May calm is hurt will you help to #haha
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  • Lamas with hats r good to
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  • Hola soy Karim que divino
    17-Oct-2017 00:12:18 AM
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