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Time to focus. . I've just put up in my stories about how I'm having to wind down the custom consultancy at the end of this month. . The main reason is that I need to focus on my brands and how powerful they're becoming. . It requires focus and being stretched too thin is a real thing. . I have CIRC which, despite me being an optimist, it's growth has even surprised me. I have Honu which was an experiment to show people how to launch a brand for less than £500 has started doing 300+ orders a week. And finally, I'm set to launch a new brand with someone who's phenomenally talented at what they do. We share the same approach to business so the collab is perfect. . I'll still be sharing the journey and aiming to inspire people to start brands through my ebucks but I can no longer promise my time to people. . If you want a custom plan off me before I take it off the table, order it via the link in my bio. . Next up for me is to build a phenomenal team. If you're based up north or can travel there twice a week, DM me. Only people who are experienced with social brands like mine pls x . #startuphustle #entrepreneurlife #marketing #ecommerce #products
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