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Bored of regular bench press? Me too. Super set time! ___ From jumping to bench press to wall sits - I want to be the most well rounded athlete that I can be. Why ONLY chase strength when you can also be so much more? 💯
In his postgame interview, Julio Jones tiptoed into a suggestion that the Patriots shooting off fireworks in fog made it tough for the Falcons to comeback: “It’s crazy, though. They score and they shoot fireworks off and then it sits up high in the stadium. So, it’s kind of hard, if you do get behind, how can you throw deep balls and things like that when it’s foggy?” 🤦🏻‍♂️ This team just doesn’t get it 😂 Reminds me of when Mohamed Sanu blamed their epic Super Bowl collapse on the extended halftime show... The Falcons’ biggest enemy is themselves 🤷🏽‍♂️
The IT one got me dead😭 Swipe for more! • Follow @crossedsports for more❗
360 Jumper @mikhrabczuk was sleeping on D 😂
How many rings do you think Durant will have at the end of his career 🤔🐍 - Follow @litlayups for more
Chin rate 1-10 ? 😧
I find that doing a chest workout that mostly consists of pec flys leads to the best contraction and stretch possible for a complete chest workout 💯 - Want me to coach you? - ✅ Click link in @dominicolai Bio