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No photoshop ☑ Painted on various surfaces #georgesrousse #ifyouhigh Follow us 🎈 @ifyouhigh
@king_riick visited our Pushed Slab project and took this great photo! Thank you. . Did you know? PS is the first building constructed in Paris' first eco-quarter, and with an energy consumption 49 kWh per m2 per year it uses at least a quarter of the energy of a typical office building. . #mvrdv #pushedslab #paris #eco #building #office #green #sustainable #architecture #archilovers #france
Image by Klemens Ortmeyer hung a huge net in her backyard tiny home 👍 What do you think? #tinyhousemovement
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A narrow path winds through a neon green blanket of grasses and wildflowers and leads to a high-country oasis in Pemberton, British Columbia. Facing the east, the morning sun splashes down right to your doorstep. Open the door and let it guide you on your adventure. Photo by @pebbleshoo. #thecabinchronicles
BOOOOM DIA DOMINGÃO! 😍❤️ Que tal essa varandínea para aproveitar o dia?! PREECISO! 🤤🙏🏼 Autoria de MGL Arquitetura | Via: @decoratrends
What a view 🙏 #allofarchitecture The Farm by Fergus Scott Architect Photo by Michael Nicholson via @restless.arch