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When you want to sit down, but the chair is dirty.
From @chesterzoo: "Meet your new favourite animals... - Twin sengi have been born... and they've been nicknamed Ping and Pong because they're no bigger than table tennis balls! 😍" #cutepetclub
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Cutest thing i've seen in a long while.. Barnabus just shed and wants to say hello.. you shy? His snout has healed up nicely, the bones aren't exposed anymore. For those that don't know the story or want a quick reminder, the monsoon season was rough this year and a big tree fell onto a part of my roof and demolished 2 of my big empty tanks (thankfully) and Barnabus's tank had a metal pipe fall through it, smashed it in half. Next thing i know, Barnabus was gone. I found him later under many bricks and soil bags near the house wall. His snout was damaged, scales were "bashed" still no clue what exactly made that injury, all i know is he is normal and will only progress forward from here. He no longer needs a cement cover up.
From @mvp_bullies: "Happy Hump Day!🐪 🤗🐥🐥" #puppy_scene
🐾🐱🐶 Não dê abacate ao seu pet! O abacate pode ser um grande vilão na dieta dos animais de estimação. Isso porque o fruto contem uma toxina fúngica chamada persin. Esse composto que não prejudica os humanos, pode causar sérios danos aos pets, como vômitos, diarréias e problemas respiratórios. Além desses desagradáveis sintomas, o caroço da fruta pode ainda machucar o mascote ou fazer com que ele engasgue. Fonte: texto Dra. Daniela Silva medvet da clínica Meau 🐾 #medicaveterinaria #dogs #cachorros #pets #instapets #medicinaveterinaria #cats #catslover #filhotes #bichos #dog #amobichos #amoosanimais #caosaudavel #amocachorro