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When you've done all of your jobs for the day & you can spend the afternoon reading 👌🏼✨ What are you guys reading at the moment? I'm currently making my way through Voyager in preparation for the third season of Outlander which I'm SO excited for ♡
All the same as well, when your friend @pershikovav author and publisher of books about Russia @iconsofrussia about Armenia and other great countries. Always at hand a decent and good gift to friends and partners) 
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{Mary Shelley 2017} Saw this still for the new movie about the writer of Frankenstein and her husband, Percy Shelley (Played by @douglasbooth ), and can't wait for this film to arrive! It sounds wonderful, and the Shelleys lived an interesting life. PC: @douglasbooth_daily
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Step 6: Put arm around girl
ideal workspace, if i do say so myself🤓✨ hello everyone! the week is going by sooo slowly and it's been raining for the past few days. rain makes me super drowsy, but it's also the perfect weather for crime thrillers🙌🏼 i'm planning to read night film really really soon. i just have to finish my current read (also a mystery thriller) and a few others to get to it😅 have any of you read it yet? any thoughts?😊
"my math teacher once said that if someone stares at you openly, it means they think you are attractive. but if someone stares at you when you're not looking, it means they are in love with you. i believe that's the reason why we fall for the wrong person. we fall for the ones who compliment us and shows their interest in us, because the ones who truly loves us only loves us in secret."
"Hiçbir şey değişmedi, ama yine de her şey başka bir biçimde var olup gidiyor. Anlatamıyorum. Bulantıya benziyor bu, ama aynı zamanda onun tam tersi." . . #selfie #aşk #instagram #love #mutluluk #friends #instalove #instagood #bookstagram #book #kitap #okumak #kitapaşkı #kitapkurdu #sahaf #booklove #booklover #stefanzweig #bookish #library #books #bookshelf #booknow #bookstory #bulanti #jeanpaulsartre
Beautiful photo by @irissno.fl. • Check out our instagram story to be the first to know next post's theme. Don't forget to tag your photos to #bookstagramfeature, so we can share them. ✌🏻️- Thomai, @lannistersbooks 🙈
Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry... ugh, I love that song. 🍵 📷 @romaniainpics (photo by Petru Paul Torac) 🍵 Hey peeps! How are you on this beautiful Wednesday? Actually, that is BS. I woke up this morning in such an awesome mood. I almost sang like Belle... almost. * ME: The world is beautiful! Bonjour! Bonjour! I am so ready for my morning run! LIFE: F*** Y**! You want to run? Take some rain! Not enough? Take your dog chewing your running shoes! Mwhahaha! Burn motherf***, BURN! 🍵 Seriously, life's a... 'lovely lady' sometimes. But this pic made up for it. Beautiful Bucovina. And trust me, this photo doesn't do it justice. It is just stunning in real life! 🍵 And coffee helped too. A LOT! Seriously, I am DEAD without my morning cup of simple black goodness. 🍵 So how do you take your coffee, guys? Or do you drink coffee at all?
Thank you all so much for your patience while the store has been offline. We've successfully moved to our new location and we are officially back open to take your orders from today. Take 20% off any purchase by clicking the coupon in the cart. Offer available until Monday - RCB crew . . . #realclivebarker #realclivebarkerstore #OPEN #merchandise #writer #painter #horror #collectible #pinhead #hellraiser #lordofillusions #nightbreed #abarat #thethiefofalways #anthology #tshirts #books #fiction #badges #pins #pingame #coasters #limited #art #originalart #prints #posters #comics
Für alle die die Trump Ära nicht schlafen lässt soll dieser brandneue Neuzugang geeignet sein der mich heute erreicht hat. Eine Dystopie über die USA in der Zukunft. Man darf gespannt sein 🤓🇺🇸 #book #books #booktube #instabook #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #yankeecandle #candles #read #reading #readmore #
Merhabalar herkese. ☺ Görseldeki kitapların ayrıntılı yorumlarını Youtube kanalıma Okuduklarım 1 I Temmuz 2017 başlığı ile girdim arkadaşlar. Bu sıcakta ne kitap yorumu allasen demez ve izlemek isterseniz profilden direkt link ile ulaşabilirsiniz videoya. Sevgiler... 😊📚🙆 #insanınesareti #açkapıyıbengeldim #felsefenintesellisi #köraynakayıpşark #bilinclibebek #öğrencitörlessinbunalimlari
Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children 2016 Someone requested scenes and it was hard to choose just one. I enjoyed this film a lot, but it was definitely creepy. I did watch it with my kid brother whose 8. He was of course obsessed with the fact that Miss Peregrine could transform into a Peregrine falcon 😂 Surprisingly he wasn't scared at all. If you have any Tim Burton films you'd like me to edit, request them in the comments. #missperegrine #timburton #like #love #tagsforlikes #likes #i #me #aesthetic #tumblr #movie #films #movies #book #bookworm #books #dark #creepy #wednesday #humpday #magic
My TBR is actually getting a little frightening right now, to be honest. In addition to these, I have to go pick up 4 more holds at the library today 🙈 What do you guys do to keep your TBR in check and not go overboard? What do you do when it becomes overwhelming? Help me out! Also meet Waffles the kitten (we let our 3 year old name her 😂)! #theardentbiblioreads
“lucky I’m in love with my best friend“ . . I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with you.. You drove me crazy during the year we sat together in chemistry class. (Maybe that’s why I locked you in a band locker once.) Then you asked me to the Winter Formal. I couldn’t understand why why my heart was pounding in my chest. Then you came to the door and it just clicked. “Oh,” I thought, “I like him.” I held your hand that night. It took you by surprise, too. A week later we shared our first date, gliding down the mountain through the snow, and our first kiss. . . It didn’t take long to realize I was in love with you. It didn’t take long to realize we would have to spend the next two years thousands of miles apart while I went away to college. I gave the decision to you, if we should stay together or move apart. My memories of the midnight release of Deathly Hallows is forever mixed with the joy of learning you wanted to stay together, to try. If we could get through this, we could get through anything. Two years of different time zones, short holidays together, phone calls that lasted hours, and phone calls that taught us to be okay with a few words. “I love you. I’ll call you back.” . . We shared so much more after I graduated from Cottey. You took me flying and taught me how to keep us steady in the air, how to land back on the ground safely. We sat through the long ceremonies as we graduated from different schools. We shared all this before you got down on one knee at midnight in the park and asked me to share forever with you. . . It seems impossible to believe that five years have now passed since I walked down the aisle, you took my hand, and we promised to love one another, through the ups and downs life would throw our way. We’ve grown our family in small, furry increments, we’ve moved across the country, and kept each other going as our dreams have shifted and grown. I don’t know how I got so lucky to find my best friend so early on in my life, but I am so glad we did, and that we choose each other every day. My best friend, my pilot, my dragon, my ferret-wrangling photography assistant, my husband, happy anniversary. I love you!
Stop dealing with fake friends, lazy people, and ones who refuse to commit to anything. You're wasting your life. • If this video represents you repost it and tag me so I can show you love!!! My talk in Miami this Saturday is 100% sold out. No tickets will be sold at the door. That's four sold out talks this year( Seattle, San Fran, L.A., and now Miami) • August 12th I'll be in Chicago August 19th I'll be in New York. • Click the link in my bio to attend those live talks
. . . . Happy Humpday! I met Kojak a few chapters back! So I'm making progress! I figured I'd do a tag in the meantime while I prepare for my vacation. @halebop108 tagged me a while back for the #anythingbutbooks tag. So here goes... * Fav cartoon: FUTURAMA. * Fav Jam RN: LOYALTY and ELEMENT by Kendrick Lamar, Gyalchester and Blem by Drake... it's a vibe by 2 chainz (that whole album is hittin) and of course all the old gangsta rap. * Something you do for hours that's not reading: cooking, cleaning and watching reruns of forensic files * Non-bookish interests: cross stitching, eating, serial killer documentaries, sneakers, makeup, and micheladas. * Fav random trivia: roughly 400 gallons of blood flow through your kidneys each day.. * Something I made last year: an A in Pathophysiology that I'm very proud of. * Recent Project: various cross stitches? Lol * Something I spend a lot of time thinking about: what I'm going to eat. Well just food in general.. * An unusual skill: keeping my business and opinions to myself. *Oddly specific fav thing: when I open a bag of hot cheetos and they're super red hot, when my husband laughs and gets those wrinkles by his eyes, and when the black of your shirt perfectly matches the black of your pants . . . That was fun! 😂😂 now I hope you feel you know me better. Also peep that boost.. it's icy 😏❄️ . . . . . . . #bookish #bookworm #bookblog #book #books #reading #currentlyreading #horror #horrorfanatic #stephenking #sk_fans #bookstagram #bibliophiler #constantreader #amreading #booknerdigans #bookish #igreads #booklover #booknerd #reader #bookporn #bookshelf #bookclub #readmorebooks #readersareleaders #library #bookishfeatures #adultfiction #thestand
Look what's coming in time for the holidays- the full set!
Bir kitabı okurken geçen iki saatin, ömrümün birçok senelerinden daha dolu, daha ehemmiyetli olduğunu fark edince insan hayatının ürkütücü hiçliğini düşünür ve yeis içinde kalırdım. Sabahattin Ali .. .. #kitap #kitaplar #kitapagaci #kitapsever #kitapkokusu #instakitap #kitapkurdu #kitapyurdu #roman #edebiyat #kütüphane #kitaplik #okumahalleri #1kitap1fotograf #oku #okuyorum #kitapokuyorum #book #books #bookstagram #instabook #bookworm #booknerd #bookish #bookaddict #booklover #library #reading #read #sabahattinali
Här kan vi tänka oss att spendera resten av veckan.👆😍 #adlibris #regram @andrea_a_lara
I finally finished those mountain trip plans I told you about. To summerize: - 7 days, climbing the 3 highest mountain peaks in Romania (and the 6th one), walking 10-14 hours a day, sleeping in sleeping bags. We plan on leaving next week. We'll wait for good weather though (I really don't want to face a storm in the mountains). And may God be with us 🙈 📚 Meanwhile, I didn't read too much. My TBR list is still huge. You can actually see Rebellion and The Gathering of Shadows by @jdnetto in this pic, the last two books in The Whispers of the Fallen series, which I plan on reading soon. 📚 Oh, and btw, I feel like sharing one of the most amazing experiences of this year. A big storm hit us two days ago. Lightnings, thunders, hail, all that l. If you checked my story you know the landscape. Imagine that place hit by such a storm. Imagine me staying in the middle of it, watching the lightning strike (it was almost continuous, like God's camera flashes), listening to Audiomachine and Star Wars trailer music and feeling like a Titan. How to put it... I felt infinite 🙃 📚 QOTD: What's your craziest experience? 📚 #book #books #bookstagram #bookaddict #bookaddiction #bookaholic #booknerd #bookish #bookworm #bookart #booklove #instabook #l4l #lfl #jdnetto #whispersofthefallen #superwoman #read #reader #reading #bookmania #becauseofreading #bookgirl #📚 #books📚 #bookgasm #bookishfeatures #bookstagrammer #bookalcoholic #bookgeek
#Repost @waterstones ・・・ Innocence. Trickery. War. Fear. @penguinukbooks have reissued Roald Dahl's deliciously dark adult stories in four further new collections, jacketed with artwork by @charmingbaker. Publishing 10 August. #roalddahl #books #bookstagram #instabook #igreads #dahl #penguinclassics
У меня тут июльские #книжныепокупки ❤ Книги про Артемиса Фаула я выиграла🍀 до сих пор не верю... Решила почитать Джинкса, а то столько отличных отзывов, что невозможно устоять. Эх, и сопротивлялась я, но все же купила, не смотря на обложку книгу Марины и Сергея Дяченко "Магам можно все". Мидгард, жаль не с оригинальной обложкой, но что есть... И внезапно захотелось прочитать про Клеопатру, а потому книги Карин Эссекс, включая книгу "Лебеди Леонардо", которую не удалось поймать в серии #МонаЛиза #книга #книги #чточитаешь #чтопочитать #люблючитать #мирдолжензнатьчтоячитаю #book #books #bookstagram
When you write a long caption but Instagram freezes and deletes everything 💔 💐 I'm having one of those days in which I spend the whole morning taking bookstagram pictures and now I feel so drained 😂 I never realized how tiring it's .. especially cleaning afterward 😅 💐 I love my Persephone candle from @merakicandles although I don't really like floral scents .. but this one smells so good 😍
"But that was Rishi... he was like a pop song you thought you couldn't stand, but found yourself humming in the shower anyway." - Sandhya Menon . Hello lovelies ✨ I read so so many books the past few weeks and I'm so happy that I can finally talk about this one with all of you guys. So as you see on the pic, I read When Dimple met Rishi by @sandhyamenonbooks and I enjoyed it 💕. I put 4/5 ⭐️ on goodreads. That was a sweet romance for the summer and I get to know a bit more of traditional stuff in India. Also both of the character was so sweet and I love them 💕. I am so glad because now I have 'Dil Na Diya' in my head since I finish this book. 😅 . Anyway who read this little one? What do you think of it? . Si vous l'avez remarqué, j'ai lu énormément depuis les dernières semaines et je suis trop contente de pouvoir enfin vous parler de ce roman. 💕 J'ai lu donc When Dimple met Rishi de @sandhyamenonbooks qui est une romance parfaite pour l'été 💕. Je lui ai mis 4/5 ⭐️ sur goodreads et je ne regrette pas du tout ma lecture. Cela m'a permit de savoir un peu plus sur l'inde et les traditions, comme l'importance du mariage. De plus, les deux personnages sont tellement adorable 💕✨ que je n'ai pu que apprécier ma lecture. Bon maintenant à cause de ce roman, j'ai 'Dil Na Diya' dans la tête mais bon 😅 . Est ce que vous avez entendu parler de ce roman? Est ce qu'il vous tente? L'avez vous lu?
Selaam Gençleeer!! 💃🏻 Nasılsınız? Benim tatilim harika geçiyor. 😍 "Deniz, kum, güneş" cümlesi bu yaz gerçek oldu 😂 Peki, Sizler neler yapıyorsunuz? Özledim burayı ❤️ Bir de kitaplığımı çok özledim 🐒
After yesterday's day of squabbles it was lovely to see Jasper post his new favourite book through Jenson's cot before he left for preschool. He said it was for when Jenson gets tired but he has to put it back before he gets home or he'll be cross 😂 @mrsgifletcher your hubby wrote a good'un - @tomfletcher my boys will forever be shaking, blowing and tickling all of their books from now on 😂
SUMMER BOOKS 🌞 @booktubeathon is going on this week and i'm trying to read more these days 😅 i recently bought and started One Day We'll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter; what are you reading? #summerbooks
Ni inspirée pour les photos, ni pour mes articles... J'erre en ce moment en plein brouillard de manque d'inspiration, d'où mon absence des réseaux sociaux... J'espère que ça reviendra vite, parce que 52 photos pour en trouver une à peu près convenable qui ne me plaît qu'à moitié, 2 jours pour rédiger un article de 500 mots, c'est lamentable... 😧