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wanksy 😂😭
CHB essentials 📙🗡 link in bio for all the things you definitely wouldn't find at a normal summer camp!
vegemite being owned by americans is the worst thing to happen since sliced bread
Já montou sua lista de compras para a Black Friday? Não? Então corre que tem vídeo novo no ar REPLETO de dicas ❤️ O link está na Bio e no Stories ✨ #youtuber #blackfriday #books #livros #livrosqueamo #instagramer
How to apparently get me to buy a book even though I know nothing about it: 1. Make the spine white 2. Add a pink schmear Ps I totally bought that new lamp you can kinda see, just because it reminded me of a mermaid.
🎉 SORTEO 🎉 📚📚📚 Ya somos ➕ de 2000 en esta linda plataforma y estamos de festejo 👏👏 Antes que nada queremos agradecerles a todos la buena onda de siempre 🤗. Como verán, finalmente develamos el misterio ➡️ A pedido de muchos, sorteamos la saga Lux de @jennifer_l_armentrout 😁😁😁 ¿Qué tenés que hacer? ☝️ Seguirmos en Instagram. ✌️ Etiquetar en esta foto a tus dos amigos más lectores. ¡Y listo, ya estás participando 🤗🤗! Tienen tiempo hasta el 29/11/2017 ➡️ sorteamos el miércoles próximo a las 18 hs. 🔸Enviamos al interior y es sólo nacional. ¡Mucha suerte para todos! 😉😉 #sorteo #sagalux #book #books #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramarg #instabook #booklover #bookaddict #libros #librosenespañol #bookshelf #bookish
L’amore è come il mare: crediamo tutti di navigarlo, ma in realtà è lui che ci indica il percorso al quale affidare il nostro cuore. #mirkosbarra #ilpensierodelcuore #comebattitidelmare ______________________________________ Tratto da "Come battiti del mare", un libro di Mirko Sbarra in tutte le librerie classiche e online. Se invece vi interessa una copia firmata con dedica contattatemi in privato. Grazie! 📚 ______________________________________ #frasi #libri #poesie #frasibelle #aforismi #pensieri #scrivere #poetry #citazioni #tumblr #cit #frasitop #poesia #writing #libro #instapoet #books #frase #book #like #loveit #amore #frasiitaliane #mare
“Sometimes you read a book so special that you want to carry it around with you months after you’ve finished just to stay near it.” — I’ve been thinking about starting a bookish lifestyle blog for a while now. Would anyone be interested in reading it? Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should write about? I wanted to include book reviews, book events, author interviews + signing but also have photography & editing tips, travel guides (local and international), food/restaurant recommendations, health and wellness posts. Do you have a blog or have any favourite bloggers? Some of my favourites are: Laura @whatshotblog, Lauren @thisrenegadelove, Cici @therusticwindow, Abby @crimebythebook, Reagen @reagen.reads, Polly @polly.florence and Stefie @stefiereads. Thank you all for inspiring me to start my own blog. (📷: @bookish.nymph)
the ideal future
“Glowing” She was lying in bed, glowing and covered in his body hair! The sex was good! But then it should be, given his “global” experience. She turned and looked at him as he stood there naked, “hey Chunky bring the chocolate back to bed I am peckish” His laugh was interrupted by his phone and his smile gone “it’s Aynur” he said. “Ignore it” she replied, he did and returned to bed with the chocolate. Time to have fun. ↔️ • #anotherlife69 #chocolate #fungames #sexgames #aynurlife69 #osunmist1 #mybook #mystory #mylife #communication #books #instagramer #instagood #conversation #nakedinbed #instaquote #funtimes #turkishdrama #me #beautiful
. It’s cold and it won’t stop raining. . We’ve taken a few more sets of photos, and there’s some I’m relatively stoked to share with you. For now, enjoy a photo of my boyfriend suffering and the pretty jacket of his that I get to borrow.
Mais alguém? 😂😅 ~LT . . . . . 📘 CONHEÇA OS LIVROS:: ▪ Operação Amazônia: @franmacedoescritora ▪ Diários de extermínio A GUARDA: @escritorbrperuzzo ▪ Sublime: @michellimoraes.escritora ▪ O ladrão de sonhos: @sidneicoelhoescritor ▪ Amor próprio: @jessjanersr . . . . Sigam: @coracaodeleitor 💙 Sigam: @canalnerdcore 💙 . . . . #romance #libraria #livraria #library #estantedelivros #leiamais #lendo #livro #book #books #booklover #bookaholic #bookaddict #bookworm #bookporn #bookstagram #instabook #instalivros #libro #libros #amoler #livros #livroseleitura #read
What are some of your favorite books about family? 👪
“Too drunk” doesn’t matter if you don’t remember ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨FOLLOW @bluepotatomash FOR MORE! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #tumblr #funny #fandom #twitter #tumblrtextpost #twitterpost #textposts #funnytumblr #funnypost #books #fandom #fangirl #love #relatablepost #ship #memes #phandom #funny #meme
I have a confession. My first fictional husband was not Mr. Darcy. I am extremely sorry, my dearest Darcy. I have betrayed you like new socks that acquire holes after only one use. Like the ugly realization that the iphone's battery percentage 10 is actually 1. I must confess. It was Mr Bingley who stole my heart first. There it is, I said it. . Who is your secret first fictional husband? . . #bookster #books #bookstagram #bookish #booklover #booknerd #bookquotes #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #bibliophile #bookcover #bookworm #vsco #vscocam #IReadYA #bookblogger #youngadult #vscogood #books #instagood #instabook #bookstagramfeature #photoftheday #bookishfeatures #bookstagrammer #booksofinstagram #instabooks #culturetripbooks #igreads #onthebed #hipster
An Infinity pool with a view! 💙 The Gulf Islands Residence by AA Robins @revolutionarchitect
Добрый вечер, дорогие. Лайк ❤️❤️❤️ если у вас тоже есть сестричка;). Делюсь с вами нашими самыми любимыми книжечками, которые сначала нежно любила Поля, а теперь пришла очередь и Аделины. Книга «Bedtime» для самых маленьких (листайте фото). Ну и советы, которые применимы к любимым книгам для малышей ( и русским, и английским). Серия «touch and feel» от издательства Dorling Kindersley в мировом топе англоязычных книг. В первую очередь-качество, безопасные краски, твердая бумага, скругленные края. Во—вторых- нежные тактильные вставки на каждой страничке, фотографии, а не рисунки предметов. Книги этой серии хороши для детей от 0 до 3х лет. ✅Для мамы (папы) книга дает простор для фантазии, старайтесь максимально описывать ребенку каждую картинку. ✅Читайте слово под картинкой, проводите по нему своим пальцем, потом пальчиком ребенка, это в свою очередь еще и способ визуально запомнить написание слова и соотнести его с нужным образом. ✅Многообразие тактильных выставок в картинках помогает ребенку изучить термины —мягкий, нежный, пушистый, блестящий и тп. ✅Картонные странички -очень плотные, что позволяет давать ребенку книгу для самостоятельных игр. ✅Фон страниц чередуется — белый фон, цветной фон и тд. Это так же позволяет изучать цвета ✅Более взрослого ребенка уже можно выводить на легкие диалоги, что очень хорошо развивает речевые навыки. Предложите уложить спать игрушки. Небольшой глоссарий: ✅time for bed- время спасать ✅let's get ready давай готовиться ✅night-night, Teddy - доброй ночи ,мишка ✅cuddly teddy ✅night-night, baby - спокойной ночи, малышка ✅baby doll ✅night-night, Bunny - спокойной ночи, Зайка ✅fluffy bunny ✅ it's sleepy time- время спать ✅soft blanket - мягкое одеяло ✅night-night, Lamb -доброй ночи, ягненок ✅wolly lamb ✅ choose a story - выбрать историю ✅bedtime book ✅ watch the mobile - смотри на мобиль ( крутящийся над кроваткой) ✅pretty mobile ✅ night-night, Moon - спокойной ночи, Луна ✅fall fast asleep - быстро заснуть ✅sleepy toys. Купить в @gdebookrussia • • • Быстро ваши детки засыпают?
Just donated some old science ⚛️books 📚! I encourage you to do the same 🤗if you have ANY old books lying around your house🏠. It's a great way to give back 🙌🏼this holiday season🎁, and investing in knowledge 🤓always pays the best interest💰. #knowledgeispower #benjaminfranklinquote
A CABANA ❤❤ E o seu?! #livros #books #amoler #amorporleitura
we just watched spider man homecoming again and i love tom/peter so much i cant • • • • • • • #marvel #dccomics #hungergames #jenniferlawrence #harrypotter #mazerunner #supernatural #riverdale #strangerthings #books #movies #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #tomholland
A baby is on the way!! Congratulations @therealsjmaas and Josh on the pregnancy!!❤️❤️❤️
{Far From the Madding Crowd 2015} Hey, I am a guest blogger on @pentopapercollections and you guys should go give them a follow and read my post if you want 😉 I talk about not fitting in, making friends in high school, and finding my place in this world. The link is in @pentopapercollections bio!
| 22nd of november, 14:54 | ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
#BLACKFRIDAY #SALE: Everything in the JOSHSABARRA.COM online shop is on sale from now until Sunday, 11/26, at 9PM ET! Plus, get #FREE shipping on orders of $45 or more with code CHEER2ab9b6. Start saving now! #shopping #promotion #deals #holiday
💠 《 #ResenhaNickMafra》 CONFESSE | @colleenhoover | @galerarecord | 4,5 ⭐‘s. ⠀ 💬 “Talvez a gente não conheça o amor como os adultos, mas certamente sentimos o mesmo. E agora sinto que o amor está prestes a partir meu coração.”. ⠀ 📖 Aos 15 anos de idade, Auburn Reed passou por um momento de muita dor, mas que mudou a sua vida. Alguns anos depois, após perder tudo que era mais importante para ela, Auburn se muda para Dallas com o objetivo de reconstruir a sua vida e tentar reconquistar aquilo que é seu por direito. Porém, Auburn precisa de dinheiro, e é assim que ela acaba esbarrando em Owen Gentry. ⠀ 📖 Owen é um enigmático artista que possui um estúdio chamado “Confesse”; todos os dias pessoas deixam pequenas confissões na sua porta e Owen as utiliza para criar obras incríveis e super desejadas. Certo dia, Owen está precisando da ajuda de alguém para recepcionar seus convidados e ajudar nas transações de venda de seus quadros durante uma exposição, e assim que ele conhece Auburn ele implora por ajuda. E ela aceita. ⠀ 📖 A atração entre os dois é intensa, e aos poucos Auburn percebe que está baixando a guarda e deixando seus sentimentos e desejos falarem mais alto; porém, Auburn não desconfia que Owen pode destruir todos os seus planos de reconstruir a sua vida. ⠀ 📝 Colleen Hoover possui um talento incrível com as palavras. A autora sabe derreter nossos corações, brincar com os nossos sentimentos e escrever histórias de amores intensos com muitas reviravoltas e sofrimento - amo! ⠀ 📝 Todos os livros da CoHo são muito bem comentados e desejados, mas sempre fico com um pé atrás com medo de me decepcionar, mas rainha é rainha, né mores. Os protagonistas deste livro, Auburn e Owen, são extremamente cativantes e complexos; os dois personagens possuem muitos segredos e traumas, mas sempre estão dispostos a se sacrificar por aqueles que amam. Amei demais essa leitura! ⠀ 📝 Recomendo a leitura de todos os livros da CoHo; confesso que já tive problemas com alguns aspectos de algumas obras da autora, mas no geral são todas fantásticas, cheias de emoção e superação. Mas acho que vale a pena avisar: se você ainda não leu nenhum livro da autora, prepare os lencinhos.
just a lil throwback to bookshopping when i was in texas last september. anyone else carry a giant stack of books around the store before trying to narrow down?😅💙📖 | #bookstagram #books #read #reading #bookstore #bookhaul
declan mckenna is so underrated wtf