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Oh hi you guys 👋🏻. Today we're talking planks because errbody wants to know about abs training. - Planking is a great (and super convenient) exercise for working many muscles in your body but predominantly your abdominals. It's very easy to not get nearly as much out of this exercise as you should but it's also easy to make small tweaks to make it far more challenging and effective 💪🏻. - I wrote and demoed common issues and fixes in the vid so instead of doing that here, here's a fuuuun plank fact 😂: the world record longest plank (so says Wikipedia 😝) is 8 hours, 1 min, and 1 second #nothanks. - If you're able to hold a regular plank for an extended period of time and want to increase the difficulty you can add weight OR walk your legs out into an extended plank to make it significantly more challenging. And that is all. - 🎵Mike Mago - Feels so Good
Well, it's official!! Saturday, August 12th we take over Breese Stevens Field in Madison to throw the best bootcamp this perfect little city has ever seen!! Thank you to the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, Lyric Apartments, Metcalfe's Market, Madison Top, Startingline Events, and WORTH Personal Training, for putting on what is sure to be an epic fun filled morning!! Details coming soon!
Click the link in our bio and read about this amazing @rp_transformations from @jadesocoby # @jadesocoby struggled with her relationship with food for years. Learn how she changed that with the help of the RP diet templates the last year. @rp_transformations # #rpstrength #rplifestyle #diet #transformation #grind #hustle #rpdiet #weightloss #fatloss #motivation #iifym #paleo #cleaneating #health #healthyeating #flexibledieting #science #girlswholift #macros
Avocado Toast Party 🥑🍞 by @lumadeline 🎉
- They say kill em with success, go ahead and toe tag em. - 🥊 @fightclubmia