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Repost from @blaxcellence_ Probably some people underestimate the importance of family support and the significance of such seemingly small things as two weeks without crack cocaine. Struggle with drug addiction is a hard thing and I am sure it's great when your family is near to help you and to praise you for every single positive step. #blackexcellence #blackperfection #blackbeauty #blackbusiness #africanamerican #blackcommunity #melanin #blackpride #blackout #america #usa #blackscience #education #diversity #drugs #warondrugs #crack #family
TAG ANYONE THAT UNDERSTANDS!!! This goes for People and pets... This post is for all that messages and emails always asking me about raising a vegan kid... Man this one is going to be hard to say, who am I kidding... no it won't!!! Some parents need a huge wake up call! For me, I refuse to raise my kids to be so sheltered and making them think that everything is perfectly aligned for them to breath in a world that hands them everything and hugs them as soon as something doesn't go their way. My kid(s) will never think that everything is handed to them because those kids are usually up for a rude awakening once they become adults and see that no one is going to hug them or hold their hand every time they spill milk ( almond milk of course😜). Now before someone gets it twisted, I am not saying don't love your child. I am saying that there is a fine line between loving and preparing them for a world where you won't always be there to take care of their problems. A great book to read is "The Battle Hymn For The Tiger Mom"... even though I felt this way before having a child this book backed up many of my thoughts. The premise of the book is that we have to learn not to try to protect our children so much that they are not prepared for the real world. For instance: if my child draws a dog and it doesn't look like a dog I won't tell her it looks like a dog, rather I will let her know that if she practices more it will look like a dog... many parents will continue to say that the scribble on the page looks like a dog even though it never develops into looking like a dog... and later on in life when they try to show someone they can draw a dog the person looking at will be honest and say it looks nothing like a dog and that kid will most likely think that person is a hater when in reality the truth is it looked nothing like a dog lol. Now this is just an example but I am sure you get the picture. We have to raise good souls for this earth... there enough assholes and jerks that believe that the world ones them something and that their shit doesn't stink. Oh yeah and the same can be said for pets... 😜. Shout out to my family @maranda_davis_ for this one.
Stoked to finally announce that I will be an Author. I am privileged to partner with publisher @affirmpress to release my series of fun,educational water safety books for children in early 2018. The first book is written and I look forward to writing more with co-author @starchy06 very soon. 📚🙌🏻🤙🏻😄 @leigh_sab #books #author #childrensbooks #watersafety #education #beach #surf #bondi #teaching #learn #publishing #lifeguard #bondilifeguard
Si quieres llegar rápido, ve solo. Si quieres ir lejos, ve acompañado. #EmprendedorExitoso 💪😉
‎في قطر تتوافر جميع عناصر التنمية الشاملة القائمة على البحث العلمي وفي مقدمتها: الارادة السياسية والتعليم النوعي والموارد المالية ومراكز البحوث والتطوير بالإضافة الى شراكات علمية واكاديمية عالمية - موزا بنت ناصر “Qatar possesses the success factors for development based on scientific research, quality #education, financial resources, R&D centres and particularly the political will, in addition to world-class scientific and academic partnerships.” – MbN. #qatar #akhlaquna #weareqatar #أبشروا_بالعز_والخير #أخلاقنا #قطر_العز #تعليم
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