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  • Gorgeous
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Twinkly twinkly little Shard 🌟 [Picture: @hassan_mirr]
Choo! Choo! All aboard the campaign train 🥂 #hayleypaige #newcollection #campaign is finally #LIVE grab link in bio for some visual loveliness #photography @toddmarshard #glam @jaxseabrooke @williamrmurphy #stylist @er_tur @anniecavallo #model @asya.rosh #nyc #weddingdress #makemagic
"Commonly referred to as snow monkeys, Japanese macaques can be spotted soaking in the onsen (hot springs) at Jigokudani in Japan in winter. This juvenile kept making the most adorable facial expressions whilst playing with its mother." #EarthCapture by @moanaghiandoni
Finally shot with @mylifeaseva ⚡️ - Headed back to Santa Barbara this weekend for school. Where my SB creatives at? ⚡️
To the friends I’ve made this year — thank you. Thank you for being there when you didn’t have to, thank you for supporting me when you weren’t obligated to, thank you for building a new life with me, thank you for embarking on a new journey with me and thank you for reassuring me that it doesn’t matter how long we’ve know each other or how we met, all that matters is how genuinely we love and care about each other because that’s what makes all the difference. Thank you for all the new memories you made with me. Thank for making the journey a little less lonely. Thank you for making the road easier, the music louder, the darkness lighter and the bumps smoother. You reminded me how to let someone in again, how to call someone a friend even if we haven’t been in each other’s lives for that long, you reminded me of how good friendships start and how you get that feeling in your heart that it will last. You reminded me that it’s never too late to make a new friend and let someone see the parts of you that you only show to your closest companions and you reminded me that some people come into our lives to make it better, to teach us something, to show us what we were missing and to remind us that sometimes people can hear us when we don’t say a word and they can understand us more than people we’ve known for years. So here’s to you — thank you for being in my life. I love you. Here’s to many more years to come and many more memories to make. Words: @ranianaim Photo: @falllenskies
📷 @bskphoto | "L.A. is a creative city. You see art on every corner — that's why I love it." - @sabrinawoop 🎨 What's your fave mural or work of art in L.A.? Tell us your story in the comments and hashtag your photos #discoverLA for a chance to be featured.
Is this the most gorgeous wedding photo ever or what?! We've been loving all YOUR stories at @bruisedpassports_bts ✨ ✨ We've enjoyed reading about all your trips around the world so much and this one well and truly overwhelmed us ☺️😍 Thanks Tamlyn for this sending across this stunning photo and note: "Hi Savi and Vid, I’ve been following you guys since you have started. You have been such an inspiration for my husband and I to travel and discover places together like you both have. After reading your posts about Lux Belle Mare (Mauritius), I looked it up and we actually got married at Lux Le Morne (Mauritius) this month. I would not have thought about it if I didn’t read your wonderful reviews on the hotel" ✨ ✨ Thank you SO much for all the trust and love you bestow on us - it means the world to us and makes us smile EVERY single day. If you've been on a Bruised Passports inspired trip, do send us your stories for @bruisedpassports_bts too (and don't forget to send your instagram handle as well so we can tag you) ☺️😍 #bruisedpassportsfamily