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. Mengucapkan hal-hal yang baik sama mudahnya dengan mengucapkan hal-hal yang buruk. Kenapa tidak pilih yang baik? . Kita berdoa hanya beberapa kali sehari. Tetapi kita berkata-kata sepanjang hari. Maka, Jangan hanya manis saat berdoa. . Janganlah ada perkataan kotor keluar dari mulutmu, tetapi pakailah perkataan yang baik untuk membangun, di mana perlu, supaya mereka yang mendengarnya, beroleh kasih karunia. . Efesus 4:29 . . . #michaeljoehadinata #grateful #love #weekend #pastormj #christian #quotes #quoteoftheday #picoftheday #life #success #give #focus #words #biblequotes #holybible #GOD #instagood #positive #prosperity #health #wealth #kindness #grow #fit #smile
Don't compare yourself to others. There's no comparison between the sun and the moon they shine when it's their time.
🔻TAG 1-3HUSTLERS BELOW 🔻 Lessons are learned in every waking moment. Tests are taken with each lesson. . I Went to the local gas station to grab a cup of coffee this morning . While on line I saw a man playing the lottery. Not only was he holding up the line but I was running late to an important meeting which I ended up being late to. . Most people would find frustration and anger and bitch all day about how "this guy at the gas station this morning made me late to my fucking meeting".. what they don't realize is be fucking glad that you were on your way to a productive meeting while he was on his way to losing his money. Realize that you work hard as fuck while he relies on chance and fucking luck. Realize that in 10 years from now he will be scratching pieces of paper while you will be signing pieces of paper. . Lessons are learned in every waking moment you just need to open your eyes and actually see that everything you go through on a daily basis is what makes you. The reason most people are bystanders and no one actually stands for something is because people believe "it's not my business" if you see someone in need of help it's your fucking business to do the right thing and help. If you see someone being taken advantage of it's your fucking business to do the right thing and step in. If you see someone fall it's your fucking business to do the right thing and help them up. The reason it's your business is because when you do what is right enough times in your every waking moment with honesty integrity and heart you'll slowly realize that you start making all of the right decisions in your business and in your relationships. Every moment is a lesson that makes you better, makes you stronger, makes you have faith in the fucking process. @amars_way
One day for sure. #Empiremindset101
Double TAP if you agree. Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it. #powerofpositivity
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