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tag someone who inspires you 💯 @bfiggy Success is not going to come to you without you putting in the work every single day, you have to separate yourself from the way the average people are living, average people engage in average activities that result in them leading average lives. Success is reserved for those who put in the time and effort every single day, it is disciplined consistency that takes you from where you are, to where you want to be. - Whatever you want in life you can have it, it is all dependent on you, you are the one who is stopping you from achieving more in life, the keys to success are with you, start to go to work on yourself and push your boundaries to live a life of greatness. Don’t act like everyone else, observe how the masses live and do the opposite. - If you're looking to earn additional income, email me at fitcultureusa - #love #instagood #me #wshhfitness #motivation #follow #followme #photooftheday #happy #tagsforlikes #beautiful #instagram #like #selfie #picoftheday #summer #fun #smile #friends #like4like #workout #fashion #gym #instalike #food #fun #amazing #life #fitness
Hoje minha princesa está ficando mais velha♥️ Parabéns meu amor, muitos anos de vida. Te amooo!
Be Proud of who you are and not Ashamed of how others see you.💯 . Use #theblackspiderman to be featured!
#transformationtuesday May 2016 ➡️ July 2017 Been working on that hour glass figure for the past year, and really tryna get #slimthick 😅 this meant weight gain, challenging myself to heavier lifts, and adding more variety to my workout routine. I can not tell you how much mental health plays a role with body transformation. Do things that make your mind AND body feel good. You aren't going to continue a regime you don't enjoy. Lift heavy weights if you love it, go to a Zumba class for cardio if ya tryna get down ( dancing is my cardio I absolutely love it), or do some yoga. I had to work on confidence within myself, and loving who I am, in order to get to the gym and have the confidence to try new things. I used to workout for other people-guys I wanted to impress, social media, etc. You need to find that fire inside yourself.. when you start making progress inside and out is when you start working out for YOU.
Lat pull downs are my staple back day workout. 💪 Working on adding some more width to my lats this season to match my glutes. That V taper with big round glutes is SO important to giving that “small waist” look that’s so desirable in the bikini division. #fitness #fitfam #bikinicompetitor
4 most common questions we get!! Comment bellow any questions you have and we will answer them in our next videos. — @rauvesuave & @mikeydiesel
Ryan completed the decathlon!!! #kellyandryan #Workout #Fitness #Fit #Decathlon