Throwback to highschool.. @crystall_light obviously loved me for me and not my looks 😂😭 #longhair #throwback #highschool #bestfriends #loveyou

  • Oh
    17-Jul-2017 22:41:09 PM
  • My
    17-Jul-2017 22:41:10 PM
  • Where did you even get this?
    17-Jul-2017 22:41:20 PM
  • That was definitely taken at deltona high school 🙄 freshman year last day of school
    17-Jul-2017 22:42:11 PM
  • This couldn't have been deltona highschool. Why would you hug be freshman year 🙄
    18-Jul-2017 05:29:34 AM
  • U lil twig! Do I even lift bro?! -HG 😘
    18-Jul-2017 06:04:54 AM
  • @armyberky68 no actually, you don't 🙄
    18-Jul-2017 06:05:20 AM
  • Super Cool! Follow me back please
    18-Jul-2017 15:50:28 PM
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