Mais uma foto para provar que eu sou um amor de porquinha mesmo tendo uma humana que não sabe nem cortar coração direito, estragou meu editorial. 🐹❤ . #guineapig #porquinhodaindia #love #animal #pig #littlepig #valentinaguineapig #lovely #guineapigmoments #roedores #porquinhodaíndia #pequenos_animais #loveguineapig_ig_feature #instaguineapig #guineapigture #sheltieguineapig #disneypig #animaisfofos #pamstore #ludmilla

  • Muito fofa❣️❣️💜💜💜
    17-Jul-2017 20:18:00 PM
  • @brigite.bulldog você que é linda 🐶❤
    17-Jul-2017 21:04:34 PM
  • Linda!
    17-Jul-2017 23:10:32 PM
  • @pamstoreoficial como faço pra abraçar vocês e a Lea Van? 😍❤🐶
    17-Jul-2017 23:14:01 PM
  • @valentinaguineapig vem passar uns dias com a gente aqui em Ribeirão Preto! Vai ser um prazer recebê-los!!!
    17-Jul-2017 23:15:19 PM
  • @pamstoreoficial já vou mandar a humana providenciar as passagens. ❤😍
    18-Jul-2017 00:26:13 AM
  • Os corações estão lindos que nem vc 💜❤
    18-Jul-2017 01:00:44 AM
  • 😍😘
    18-Jul-2017 04:42:07 AM
  • Brilliant!
    18-Jul-2017 07:10:05 AM
  • Adorable😍😍
    18-Jul-2017 07:29:18 AM
  • This is wonderful
    18-Jul-2017 11:55:32 AM
  • 😘❤️😍
    18-Jul-2017 16:56:26 PM
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comment "magic" letter by letter below! ✨ - credit: @isuspectnargles
How do you keep track of the books you've read? 📚 #books #bookworm #booknerd #booklover #shelfgoals #bookstagram #reader #reading #readerlife
Stoked to finally announce that I will be an Author. I am privileged to partner with publisher @affirmpress to release my series of fun,educational water safety books for children in early 2018. The first book is written and I look forward to writing more with co-author @starchy06 very soon. 📚🙌🏻🤙🏻😄 @leigh_sab #books #author #childrensbooks #watersafety #education #beach #surf #bondi #teaching #learn #publishing #lifeguard #bondilifeguard
A pessoa tem post para escrever, vídeo para gravar/editar e livro para terminar. MAS ela resolver fazer o que? Entrar para a #MLVoltaàsAulas 😍😍😍 Vai ser minha primeira maratona e estou mega animada! Corre no canal que tem vídeo novo explicando como essa maratona vai funcionar (e de quebra ainda mostrei minhas ONZE leituras de Junho, porque sou dessas que se empolgam 😂😂😂). #booktuber #youtuber #livroseleitura #livros #livrosqueamo #books #tbr #maratona
Do you play video games? 🎮 I don't but my siblings did so I know a little bit about it despite being horrible with a controller 😂 That being said, I binged Warcross last night and LOVED IT ♥️(the ending was unsatisfying) Warcross is set in a video game universe, and Sword Art Online just happens to be my favorite anime ~EVER~ so I was pumped to read this and I adored it so so much I will read anything by Marie Lu, I hope you all preorder Warcross ASAP 📖🌿
Terkadang sesuatu nampak mustahil lantaran kita belum pernah mencobanya. . Cobalah. Niscaya Anda akan menemukan sebuah keajaiban. Action! Semangat! 🙋🙋 . (Quote Ustadz . . @shareislam_ @shareislam_ @shareislam_ . . . Ayo tag sahabatmu. 💖💕 . . . Kontribusi : @siti_aisyah_haji_abudullah @sharemanfaat_ . . . . . #motivasi #inspirasi #startupquotes #kutipan #kutipansukses #bisnis #hijab #motivation #inspiration #book #books #bestpicture #buku #bookstagram #pp #ppmurah #paidpromote #paidpromotemurah #jasapromote #promote #jasapp #endorse #endorsement #endorsemurah #promo #paytren #paytrenuym
Watch until the end and the comment after!! I talk to hundreds of people about dating weekly. I can honestly say that many people "wait" and these are the same ones who complain about their outcomes. • I don't understand that. • Why don't you text first? Why don't you initiate dates? Why don't you CALL if you want to be called? Why don't you CREATE the life you want and set a standard so people know how to treat you? • If this video needs to be heard you should repost it! • My talk in Miami is THIS SATURDAY! 🌴 so excited to talk with you guys and girls!! • August 13th I'll be in Chicago August 19th I'll be in New York. • Click the link in my bio to attend those live talks • My book on dating, Dear Love Life and Dear Queen are available for two day shipping on Amazon!!!
“Perhaps she has to be the girl who always cares more. Someone has to fill in the increasingly dark pockets of the Earth that love has abandoned. Someone has to be broken, consistently and relentlessly, healing the rest of the world with the authenticity of their pain. Someone has to live, eyes wide open with a heart that loves without reserve. Maybe someone has to teach the rest of the world how to see people as they could be as we love them for who they are. And with any luck, the soft-hearted girl with a resolve of steel and a love of those who can never quite love her back will learn a lesson too: that she deserves the same kind of love that she leaves everywhere else.” — L.A.L. || That girl (via writing-in-the-wings)
I know I've said this before but I am definitely more attracted to the #barnesandnobleleatherboundclassics children's books over the adult titles. There is something about the children's ones that serious make me happy. They are some of my favorites ever. It's weird that I don't connect with the adult collectibles??
Incredible photo by @madamereadsalot. • Check out our instagram story to be the first to know next post's theme. Don't forget to tag your photos to #bookstagramfeature, so we can share them. ✌🏻️- Thomai, @lannistersbooks 🙈
the bookshelf of USA I think I need of this but my beautiful country should be the map though. 👏🏻 so lovely. #wooden #books
Lately I have really been into collecting little spellbooks and discovered this gem in the bargain section of B&N! What are some of your favourite spellbooks? 📚✨🌸
My mum sent this to me today. She probably misses me and knows this will make me miss the fam. She knows me well! Miss you all, especially Bruce ✌🏽💙
Last sneak peek photo of 1 of the 3 sets going up on my Patreon for my D&D babes this month! Super excited to share all the sets! This one is one of my favorite bcuz it's a piece of my lil library in the background! #library #book #books #librarybooks #bookworm #belle #disney #disneyprincess #cosplayfun #cosplay #cosplays #cosplaygirl #cosplayer #ireland #irelandreid #irelandreidcosplay #teamireland #fit #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitgirl #fitnessmodel #fitnesslife #gymgirl #gymgrind #gymmotivation #roses #absofsteel #abs
Psychedelic Healing: The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development is a biography of psychedelic medicine, taking you from its shamanic youth through its adolescent troubles with the law and into its current blossoming as a healthy and responsible member of mainstream society. #Psychedelics #Science #Psychotherapy #Spirituality #Books
| 26th of july, 18:15 | I think that Waverly and Nicole should just lock the door so wynonna can't get in
• ★🖤★ #JulyOfDisney {"The Curt of miracles" - Secret hideout } 💗. • • ★♥★🇩🇪 Velaris, eine geheime Stadt im Night Court 🌙. Diese Stadt würd ich ja auch wahnsinnig gerne mal mit eigenen Augen sehen 💕! Sarah J Maas beschreibt sie so wunderschön, ich glaub da würd ich mich auch sofort wohl fühlen 🙌🏻. Und es hat bestimmt gar nichts damit zu tun dort evtl auf Rhys oder Azriel zu stoßen 💁🏼. In welche Stadt aus einem Buch würdet ihr denn gerne mal reisen 💬? Kommt gut gelaunt durch den Donnerstag ihr Zuckerstückchen 💕. • • ★♥★🇬🇧 Velaris, the hidden City of the Night Curt 🌙. I'd love to see this place with my own eyes 💕. Sarah J Maas described this city so perfectly and beautiful 🙌🏻. And of course, this has nothing to do with the possibility to meet Rhys oder Azriel 💁🏼. Which bookish city would you love to visit 💬? Have a great Thursday 💕 ••• ••• #books #bookstagram #bookishfeatures #booknerd #bookworm #booklove #instabook #bookstagramfeature #funkopop #bookaddict #buecher #booknookstagram #igread #bookish #bookcover #lesen #bibliophile #bookaholic #ilovebooks #potterhead #bookgeek #booknerdigans #bookphotography #yabooks #sarahjmaas #acotar #rhysand #gameofthrones #bookishcandle @quackercandle_books
My way doesn't have to be your way. Your way doesn't have to be mine. And that's really cool, right? Even if in my way, you get strong AF. 😉🤓(Book: Mine!) #strongstartsinthemind #weightlifting #crossfit #writing #books #bookstagram #lisbethwriting
I love rose gold so freaking much -L
One of our reveals at #SDCC this year! We're so excited for this to be released to the world. (Note: design not final)
Hey 💔 Ich bin am Rande der Verzweiflung. Es ist etwas Schreckliches passiert. Ich habe 'Goldener Käfig' beendet und keine Idee wie ich es bis zur Fortsetzung aushalten soll. Das kommt mir momentan schlichtweg unmöglich vor. Allerdings habe ich die letzten zwei Male auch überlebt. Also denke ich, irgendwie werde ich es schaffen .... *dramatischer Seufzer* 😪. Das Buch hat so seine Längen, was allerdings auch an meinen Problemen liegen kann, mich zurzeit zu konzentrieren. Aber gerade zum Ende hin wird es richtig gut. Es ist alles gut nachvollziehbar, und das Unglaubliche ist passiert, ich habe unheimlicherweise ein Herz für die 'böse Person'. Sowas passiert mir nicht häufig. Mir hat der dritte Band jedenfalls wieder wesentlich besser gefallen als der zweite. Um nochmal auf die Längen zu sprechen zu kommen, manchmal sind sie halt auch einfach nötig um gewisse Dinge authentisch und wirklich nachvollziehbar werden zu lassen. Und nun.. was mache ich jetzt mit meinem Leben bis zur Fortsetzung? Irgendjemand Ideen? •••••• •••••• Hey 💔 I'm on the edge of despair. Something really terrible happened. I've finished 'King's Cage' and I have no idea how I should withstand the time until the sequel comes out. That seems simply impossible to me atm. Then again I've also survived the last two times. So I think somehow I will cope it .... *dramatically sigh* 😪. The book has its length though it could hang together with my currently difficulties to concentrate. But especially towards the end it is so good. It is all well comprehensible and the unbelievable happens I have eerily a heart for the 'bad person'. That doesn't happen often to me. Anyhow I like the third book considerably more than the second again. To pick up the topic with the length again sometimes they are simply necessary to make certain things authentic and really understandable. And now.. What am I doing with my life until the sequel? Anyone ideas? • • • #goldenerkäfig #kingscage #victoriaaveyard #carlsen #fantasybooks #yalit #yalovin #yafiction #bookstagramfeature #bookishfeatures
What a pleasure to read my BackHome Kids book to our future leaders. Thank you @erikarmccall for inviting me to the freedom school read aloud program. @xcupcake25x The energy to lead the youth into reading as a habit goes a long way. You and your team rock🤘🏾 #Reading #Books #Youth #BackHomeKids # #GoForYours #SummerProgram #BackHome #OmoNaija
5 DAYS TO GO. The days are coming closer and I am both anxious and excited. Here is a long sexy teaser as promised 😉 Enjoy xoxo. *Unedited* My eyes snapped open and I looked up at Alessio. His fingers were firm on my chin, holding my head still as he moved in closer until our bodies were plastered together. So close that it would have been impossible to even push a thin string in between us. His heat enveloped my body and I didn’t feel cold anymore. My heart was hammering in my chest, and I felt sure that he knew. The rough pad of his thumb rubbed over my full soft lips, and I gasped at the sensation. His touch traveled all the way down to my body and I pressed my legs together. Why? Why did I feel that way with him? I inhaled a desperate breath, moving my eyes away from his, looking everywhere but at him. My eyes moved desperately around the room, trying to find something that would keep me grounded. Think Ayla. Think. I felt Alessio shift, his shirt moving against my sensitive skin and I bit my lips, trying to hide another moan. He wrapped an arm around my waist, anchoring me to his body while he slowly brought his other hand down. “So, do we have an agreement?” he asked. Alessio pushed his knee between my legs, slightly parting them apart. The thought of him taking me was so demeaning, but even through my disgust, as hard as it was for me to admit it, I also found that thought very appealing. Alessio overwhelmed me. He scared me but at the same time, I couldn’t stop my body from responding to his words and seductiveness. What was wrong with me? Before I could say something, or even think about a proper answer, he bent down and latched onto my nipple. I hissed at his sudden action and then my head fell backward when a moan slipped from my mouth. He suckled my nipple, pulling at it hard and then gently swirling his tongue over the tip. I felt the rasp of his slight stubble against my tender skin and without thinking, I pushed my breast forward. *** Pre-Order is now available on amazon!! One-click now and it will be auto delivered to your kindle on the strike of midnight on release date! #booksofinstagram #authorofinstagram #AdultRomance #books
Progress update: all 1,200 books have been unboxed. The alphabetizing is in the process, about half way done. If I didn't have a whole three bedroom house to also unbox and put away, this would be done by now! I am so exhausted! . . . P.S. Thanks for all the adorable comments and all the love and support. I love you all! . . . #bookcases #bookshelf #ikea #newhouse #homeowner #shelfie #shelfiesunday #uhaul #unpacking #abundleofbooks #bookishlove #idratherbereading #eatsleepread #booklover #bookworm #bookstagram #bibliophile #books #booksaremyeverything #bookgeek #booknerd #obsessed #lovebooks #bookobsessed #bookishlyunique #bookishmerchfeatures
Kebahagiaan ialah ketika kita dapat menerima ketidaksempurnaan dengan tulus dan ikhlas.💕📚👳 . . @shareilmu_ @shareilmu_ @shareilmu_ . . . . Kontribusi : @pena_tarim . . . . - . . . Ayo tag sahabatmu 🙋🙋 . . . . . . . . . #ustadzjefrialbuchori #ustadz #petuah #bijak #ilmu #bookstagram #ngaji #buku #kitab #kitabkuning #santri #santriwati #muslim #muslimah #jilbab #kerudung #khimar #burqa #tudung #books #endorse #endorsement #endorsemurah #hijab #hijabinstan #gamis #dakwah #dakwahislam #ppmurah
Зазвонил телефон. Лицо Френсиса перекосилось от раздражения. — Ради бога, поговори ты, Паркер. Если это опять какая-нибудь дура, играющая на бирже, скажи, что я умер, или пьян, или лежу в тифу, или женюсь, — словом, придумай что-нибудь пострашнее. ♠️ Френсис Морган утопает в роскоши и славе. И вроде есть все, о чем можно мечтать и чему завидуют многие, но в жизни не хватает приключений и настоящей любви. И никто кроме как злейший враг не сподвигнет на опасные приключения, кардинально изменившие жизни многих. Приключения в поисках сокровищ, предков Майя и семейства Морганов... ♠️ Йо-хо-хо и бутылка рома. Это самый летний роман. Самый приключенческий. И главное: юбилейный и самый последний роман Джека Лондона, написанный как сценарий для кинематографа. Один только вопрос, американцы очи почему не протрут, это же шикарная почва для блокбастера, пусть ей уже 101 год. В общем: тут есть все. Сокровища и пещеры, красавицы и настоящие джентельмены с обострённым чувством долга, королевы и злодеи, любовь и дружбы. Страница за страницей Вы погружаетесь в пучину событий. Безумно интересно. Добрая, яркая книга. Молодежь, кто читает этот отзыв, бросайте Вы свои кровожадные романчики с больными подростками, читайте добрую классику. Это реально интересно. Написано красиво, изящно-исключительный стиль Лондона. Не пожалеете. Рекомендую✔️ 📷🖋 @mari.books_ 🖇 Чтобы оказаться на нашей странице ставьте хештег #bookmoments
Spotted in Brooklyn!
«DESAFIO LITERÁRIO» Boa noite leitores.😍😘 . ▫ Continuando o #desafiolitjulho em que fui chamado pela diva @_one_books e pela linda Deby do @estantedadebie. Quem criou o desafio literário de Julho foram os igs @cucaliteraria e @semlimitesparaoslivros. . ▫ 📚Dia 25. Um livro com Playlist. . ▫ E pensei muito para um livro com playlist, perderia as contas de quantos livros eu tenho, que possui uma trilha sonora maravilhosa. . ▫ Mas "Talvez um dia" é um dos xodós, sou totalmente apaixonado por Sid e Ridge, uma história envolvente, bem elaborada e com um fundo de drama. trilha que envolve o livro é sensacional, cada música no seu momento certo. . ▫ Toda vez que vou ler CoHo já sei que virá suspiros, lágrimas e ressaca na certa. E com esse não foi diferente. Super recomendo. . ▫ 🌟"Acredito verdadeiramente em pessoas que aparecem na nossa vida e têm almas completamente compatíveis com a nossa. Às vezes, nos referimos a elas como almas gêmeas." . ▫ 🌟"Se eu nem ao menos consigo julgar as pessoas mais próximas a mim, então não posso confiar em ninguém. Nunca. Eu os odeio por terem tirado isso de mim. Agora, não importa quem entre na minha vida depois disso, sempre serei cética." . ▫ 🌟"Como é que duas pessoas ótimas e cheias de boas intenções podem acabar tendo sentimentos despertados por tanta bondade, mas que na verdade são tão ruins?" . ▫ 🌟"Algumas vezes na vida a gente precisa de dias ruins para manter os bons em perspectiva." . ▫ #LuEntreLivros #grupodaone #books #oxenteliterario #desafiolitjulho #InteracaoLiteraria #literaleitores #blogslit #parceirosheranca #instaliivros #books #colors #nerd #amoler #parceria #instagram #instagramers #instaliterario #igliterario #bookaholic #amoler #livros #bookaddict #livrosevida #coolestbookcovers #cover #desafio #amoliteratura #amolivros
I'm a little late for this, but I wanted to show off my June Modern Cinderella @litcube box. I seriously can't rave enough about @litcube. I love how every item they include is something I can use daily. 💕 Now for the contents of the June box: •A paperback copy of by River Laurent. •Exclusive foaming bath salt by @twhsoap. •An adorable glass slipper trinket box. •A gorgeous stretchy Cinderella inspired bookmark or journal holder. •A yummy "Glass" rock candy. 💕 July boxes have already started shipping but there's still time to order your August Steampunk Alice in Wonderland box! New subscribers, you can use my code ACCIOBOOKS10 to save 10%. 💕 . . . . . . . #litcube #cinderella #subscriptionboxes #subscribe #subscriptionbox #subbox #bookbox #totalbooknerd #bookme
@themeltinglibrary released their preorders for their percy jackson, harry potter, and shadow & bone samplers today and i am soooooo hype for these y'all. you obviously know her candles are my fave, and i highly recommend checking out the little sets (and dont forget ALITTLEBOOKWORLD10 for 10% off!) • featuring the most delicious candle of ever, calanmai 🌸 •