• Monggo mampir gan / sis :)
    17-Jul-2017 19:36:22 PM
  • Hi Chief.jae_23 I am contacting you, because I saw your nice page on Instagram. I can see you are very devoted to your profile, and I think you are doing a great job. Your profile is amazing, and you have a lot of very good pictures. Keep it up! 2017 is ramping up to be our largest year yet and we'd like our store to grow with us. We'd like to offer you to promote our unique/handmade women's and men's wear (leggings, hoodies, sweatshirts, dresses etc) that nobody else has. We are rewarding people that do their best to promote us with 10% revenue share. You will get 10% commissions from every referred customer (most of them orders regularly!). But there is more... we will send you FREE product (of your choice) for every 5 customers you brought to us! You don't have to pay anything to us! Check our reviews: How does that sound? 😊 Send me message with your email to direct.
    24-Jul-2017 04:21:22 AM
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