• Ma te non lavori più????
    18-Jul-2017 12:21:01 PM
  • @silvy_florence la domenica no !!!!
    18-Jul-2017 13:10:46 PM
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La bala no te mata, te mata la velocidad a la que va ... ••••••••••••••••• -Speed kills- It is not the bullet that kills you. It is the SPEED of the bullet. @officehanchoediting @floydmayweather
Me and Bae made a challenge 😩🔐🖤 she's my everything dawg 🤕 ❣️•( @dopestclown )
Wow so thankful I got to be ON AIR at the radio station I listened to everyday on my way to school as a kid. Thank you so much @wild949 for having me on the #JVShow today, I'm so excited to be the #JVArtistofTheMoment 🖤
Sudden addiction for ukuleles. Thanks @kaylarizq for lending me your uke. And no, I wont be giving it back anytime soon 😂 comment down below what song you want me to do next! • • • Song: Moonlight Artist: @gracevanderwaal • • • #moonlight #gracevanderwaal #cover #singing #music #indonesia #indonesian #vocals #ukelele #ukelelecover