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One word. Smooth! #munagrooms / #Repost @lifewithpy / photo: @dotunayodeji
كثيرون يقلدون ولكن هناك أصل واحد هو #ديانا_حداد فقط طبعا في ناس فاهمين 😉
"Caroline and I love the beach by our apartment and walk to it together all the time. I remember on one walk, we decided to sit out on the edge of the pier for a minute, and somehow we started talking about engagement. She asked where I would want to get engaged one day, and I told her "I don't know". What I was really thinking was that proposing to her in the exact spot we were sitting would be more than perfect for us. So, fast forward some time, I convinced Caroline to walk to the beach one morning to watch the sunrise. As we turned the corner to see the beach, I couldn’t contain my smile. The sky was an amazing blend of purple, orange, and blue and the morning light sparkled brilliantly against the water. When we got to the end of the pier, I grabbed her hand and tried to soak in every second of that short walk. It felt like a dream. Then, I said some words that I can barely remember and took a knee as I looked up at her watering eyes and contagious smile. She immediately said yes, and then dropped to her knees herself..." Photo by @flytographer
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