1.DEN Tak a je to tu. První den mé první přípravy na podzimní kondičky. Nedělám si vůbec iluze. Sám moc dobře vím jak na tom jsem a jak na tom je má konkurence. Jde o to co chci dokázat sám sobě.😊 Kulturistika se stala každodenní součástí mého života a věřím, že jsem našel konečně svůj smysl života. Nesmírně mě naplňuje( i když jsou tu věci, které mi v tomto odvětví vadí, ale tím se nenechám odradit). Proto si chci zažít na vlastní kůži vše co k ní patří(tedy skoro všechno prozatím...). Startuji s váhou lehce nad 90kg a dovolím si říct, že v rozumný kvalitě, tak doufám, že to všechno nezmizí. 🙏🏼😄 Držte palce ať to vydržím a neumřu hlady!🤦🏻‍♂️😄 . . . #contestprep #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #backday #fitness #man #boy #fit #gym #instagood #bodybuilding #life #muscle #training #hard #aesthetics #followme #beastmode #back #follow #photooftheday #photoshoot #diet

  • Where the mind goes the body will follow 💪
    17-Jul-2017 23:05:01 PM
  • Doraz na Bali, tady se drží dieta sama😁✌️
    18-Jul-2017 02:53:12 AM
  • Love ❤️
    18-Jul-2017 03:41:18 AM
  • Danggg....
    18-Jul-2017 10:21:40 AM
  • Amazing
    18-Jul-2017 17:13:42 PM
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Obedece a tus instintos, a tu vuelo, a ese intenso momento en el que somos y no pensamos. DESOBEDECE AL QUE TE DIGA QUÉ HACER, qué camino tomar o al que te inste a dibujar corazones en lugar de llenarlos. Obedécete y desobedece a lo que te nazca de dentro. Yo te amo desobediente, me amo desobediente y odio cuando la sociedad nos hace ser masa no individuos. Ahora que sabes todo eso, seamos animales desobedeciendo hombres de paja y obedeciendo nuestro próximo mordisco. Desobedece para obedecer, a tu instinto animal @carlosalfaro 🔥... Photographer📸: @shaddaialyms #inked #inkedgirls #inkedlife #inkedup #tattoos #tattooart #suicidegirls 💋
i'd like you all to meet my latest and current foster kid, his name is Ogie! blessed to be his foster dad, blessed to be working constantly with this beautiful breed and consistently breaking the stereotype surrounding them, it's one thing to use words, and it's another thing to put the words you use into action , i'll have this rescue for 2 weeks, he's a little sick but nothing some cuddles and a few seasons of Law & Order can't fix, am i right or am i right???? #acc #humanesociety
What's your biggest fear? - "I adore being in love. It is such a beautiful thing. It’s like the whole world is a wonderful place. Everything is so beautiful. And everything your lover does is beautiful too. The sound of their voice, the way they walk, their reactions to you touching them, the way they look at you, all of it. I lay in bed at night and think about how happy I am and how content I am and it is amazing. I question things all the time but at the end of the day I know. I know I chose to listen to the correct thing, my heart. Nothing has ever felt so right until I was with them. I love the car rides, the kisses, the teasing, the touching, the intimacy, the conversations, the laughter, the smiles, the blushing, the cuddling, the hand holding, the sex, all of it, I love all of it. No one has made me happier. No one has made me feel this way but them. I want nothing more than to be able to wake up with them every morning and to fall asleep beside of them every night. I am happy to be in love."
Tattoo em homenagem a sua avó feita hoje no amigo @pedrobarrroos. orçamento por WhatsApp (21)990678676 Tatuador a 9 anos Especialista em realismo colorido e preto e cinza Rio de Janeiro Parcelamos em até 3x sem juros no cartão, pagamento em dinheiro você ganha 10%de desconto💉💉💉💉💉💉👍👍👍👍😜😜😜 #tattoo2me #HTers #HashTags #amazingink #art #bodyart #chesttattoo #design #handtattoo #ink #inked #inkedup #instaart #instagood #instatattoo #photooftheday #sleevetattoo #jhonatanmasters #tats #tatted #tattedup #tattoist #tattoo #tattooed #tattoos #tatts #rj #rjlifestyle
I'm sometimes asked about my religion. This is a tricky one. Due to my mental illness (would you like me to talk about that in a post, too?) I have some difficulty figuring out my beliefs. What I can say is that I do not subscribe to any particular religion or belief system - but I do believe in energy and intention. I believe that we have the power to send positive energy into the world, whether it be through prayer, spells, affirmations or meditations. I believe that intention means something. I believe in reducing our physical impact on this world and maximising our positive energy output. I believe in letting people find their own beliefs, not indoctrination. I believe that all religion has the capacity to provide light and dark energy, just like individuals do.