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Nightmare Cake by @thecakerbaker 🌙💜
Thanksgiving is nearly here! What dish will you be making? 🦃🍷🥧 . #mypotterybarn #thanksgiving #homedecor #turkeyday #pbthankful
Can you even believe that it’s nearly December? 🙈 We’re in full-on Christmas nativity mode over here. Annie and Noah’s school one is GBBO themed this year, with assorted tunes from the Disney Compendium. If I hear ‘Be Our Guest’ one more time my head might actually explode. (I think her teacher said she’d give a prize for the best singing so Annie’s taking her at her word and working on the theory that practice makes perfect.😳) Counting all my blessings that she’s ‘Kid 2’ this year and the costume department (Me) is only required to rustle up some jeans and a t shirt. There are a very special set of skills required for school play costume sourcing. No one ever writes that in the parenting manuals! . #babyjesusandkidtwo #christmas #schooldays #homedecor #christmasdecor
Apartamento Cidade Jardim. Nesta suíte de casal nossa querida parceira arquiteta Anna Paula Moraes pediu para fabricarmos nosso tapete campeão de vendas. Nosso lã de carneiro Natural com algodão natural. Pode ser usado dos 2 lados.
Happy Thanksgiving!! We are feeling extra, extra grateful this season. It may have taken longer than we hoped, but thanks to our amazing doctors and the miracle of IVF we are PREGNANT! We feel so grateful to each of you for supporting our little shop and so excited that Collectiv Co. is expanding in more ways than one 💛!