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This is so hard. We can want so badly to ask...beg...plead for people to fight for us. We want so badly for them to see what it is we see. We want to be important enough...loved enough...matter enough. We convince ourselves that if they don't stay...that we're not those things. That's where we go wrong. Our worth is not dependent on who goes and who stays. We never have to convince people to choose us. We never have to beg someone to do the work with us. They must always step towards it themselves...they must always choose it for themselves. The very difficult part is when they don't...or can't. Sometimes people choose to walk away...and sometimes they let fear get in their way. Sometimes we are not for people..and sometimes they aren't able to do the work and love themselves. But regardless of what or why...our job is never to convince others of our will always be to convince ourselves. #mindfulmft
Practice the art of giving! | #motivation
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"Find Your Identity" by @el_juantastico . Typography Gallery Inspiration! . . . Tag #typollery for chance to be featured! #typography #multiply #blue #pink #lettering
I luv chocolate
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