Cars, a microwave, bread — these are all items that professional doodler Sam Cox ( @mrdoodle) has used as a canvas. In other words, nothing is safe from a doodle: “As long as it’s got a clear, blank surface, then I’ll draw on it,” says the 23-year-old from Kent, England. Sam regularly works at his craft as a freelance artist for 14 hours per day, during which time he runs through two pens. In addition, he fills a 100-page sketchbook with doodles every two weeks. “I want to take the whole idea of me living in a doodled world as far as I can,” he says. “Ultimately, it’d be amazing to have a whole town of doodles.” Watch our Instagram story now to see how Sam’s doodles come to life. Video by @mrdoodle

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    12-Aug-2017 01:05:01 AM
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    12-Aug-2017 03:50:05 AM
  • NeVeR JuDgE a BooK By it's....Cover!!!! THANK YOU ( @mrdoodle)
    12-Aug-2017 05:41:25 AM
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    12-Aug-2017 08:36:10 AM
  • Njiplaklah
    13-Aug-2017 02:46:47 AM
  • Are this made with hand?
    13-Aug-2017 11:59:26 AM
  • check my bio 🙌🏽 @instagram
    14-Aug-2017 19:15:11 PM
  • Very good
    15-Aug-2017 16:42:34 PM
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    17-Aug-2017 03:19:07 AM
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    17-Aug-2017 19:12:05 PM
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    18-Aug-2017 16:00:04 PM
  • This is awesome! I'm too an artist, and have a beard if you like them! Please follow me for follow back thanks
    19-Aug-2017 12:47:39 PM
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    19-Aug-2017 18:18:46 PM
  • Sick dude
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  • Wow! What a nice picture!
    24-Aug-2017 10:03:56 AM
  • wow amazing
    31-Aug-2017 05:55:01 AM
  • Real talent! 👍👏
    31-Aug-2017 07:48:15 AM
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    03-Sep-2017 01:44:49 AM
  • I want to draw know lol so cool and good
    03-Sep-2017 03:20:48 AM
  • That is amazing! I wish I could draw like that
    03-Sep-2017 15:24:57 PM
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    06-Sep-2017 21:59:00 PM
  • قشنگه
    08-Sep-2017 10:02:12 AM
  • amazing! I wish I could draw like that
    09-Sep-2017 18:04:24 PM
  • Check out my photos
    13-Sep-2017 11:33:27 AM
  • ចង់មើលរូបសាក់
    21-Sep-2017 17:37:34 PM
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