I bought 2 toys for the boys today. But apparently Enzo doesn't understand sharing. They are all his! #dogs #dogsofinstgram #labrador #lablovers #labsofinstagram #labradorretriever #jordankrose

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Tuesday Body check ✅ 💪🏼 😁 💦 ✌🏼
The beauty of all of us getting into this division in its early age is we get to shape what it's going to become. The future generations of the sport will be looking to our physiques as they build their own and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this new era of #ClassicPhysique
"Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order" - this is a quote I constantly remind myself of. Quite honestly I've had my fair share of struggles with my body image and I have always been so hard on myself. Just like most women, we all have our insecurities. It's almost like no matter how hard I work on it, I can never achieve that so called "perfect body". But I'm learning to love myself more, love my every curve, every stretch mark on my body and to love the beauty in imperfection✨ ______ SwimWear: @SoNoire #SoNoire • 10% off code VIVLI10
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Look @garotafit 🏃🏼‍♀️💨 - Simboraaaaaaaa Hiit 👊🏻 25 min Sendo: 1 min vel 12.0 Recupera 20 seg parado 30 seg vel 18.0 Recupera 30 seg #hiit #runner #running #run #abs #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #workout #gym
Вернулся в родные пенаты: Instagram. Достаточно долгое время вообще ничего не постил, ввиду того что был занят запуск глобального проекта "Syndicate". Совсем скоро освещу эту тему в том числе в своём Instagram. А пока, полюбуйтесь прекрасным пейзажем на фоне Маркова, ну или наоборот 😂 Markov come back Instagram 😈
This is an awesome bit of footage from @chelseafc showing @willianborges88 recent hat trick • Sometimes watching matches on tv or from a stand can make it hard to appreciate the pace of the game at pitch level at this standard, watching from this distance enables you to really appreciate just how important speed, power and ruthlessness is and how you need to be moving as an athlete to get close to this level • #matchfit #football #soccer #soccerconditioning #footballconditioning #soccernutrition #footballnutrition #nutrition #fitness #workout #realmadrid #liverpoolfc #fcbarcelona