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    17-Jul-2017 16:52:41 PM
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Rainbow pride 🌈 Follow 👉 @paulbryantv Tag someone who needs this 😍 via @daixykaren
✨The Glittery Night ✨ You know how you probably do things for fun, like watch TV or go fishing or to the beach? Well, most days I draw! And this time I felt like using glitter. Deal with it. 😜
TATTOOS My most dm'd topic so I'll answer a lot of messages here... • I’m not taking on any custom tattoo designs unless we are v close friends. • If you would like to use an existing piece of my art for you tattoo design, go for it. All I ask is that you give me proper art credit if you post it somewhere online. This means if your tattoo artist posts it too. • I don't want tattoo artists to make flash sheets of my designs. • It’s always cool to see a photo if you do get something of mine. 👍🏻 Thanks! #art #illustration #tattoo #tattoos
@charleyharperart, the Modernist artist and conservationist, always had an alternative way of looking at wildlife. In nature, he saw “exciting shapes, color combinations, fascinating behavior and endless possibilities.” Shop this artist collaboration collection by clicking the link in bio! #mywestelm
Quick sketching (ik its anatomically incorrect) #drawing #art #painting #skeleton
Omg so cute😍 Yes or No? Follow @liixury for more! 📸Unknown DM for credit📥