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It's still summer, I swear 😔 - Qual è stata la cosa più bella che avete fatto o vi è capitata questa estate?
Croatia- day 2 - #chill ❤️🔥 _______________________________________ #damiankordas #croatia #chill #instamood #instagood #picoftheday #trip #instatrip #instatravel #travel #omis #holiday
It's not only been a rough day, it's been a rough week 😔 One of those weeks when anything that could go wrong does, and when things you didn't even know could go wrong also do. Wishing I could just drop it all and go relax while soaking up the sun somewhere closer to the equator, but experience has taught me: the sun shines brightest when it peaks out of darkness... and so do we ☀️ So I'll power through today with all I have left in me and then I'm taking some much needed R&R. Ciao bellas 💋 • 📍photo taken in Crete, Greece 🇬🇷 #tbt
Where else would we spend our last day 💦🍹 @nikkibeachibiza Wearing @ohpolly ☀️
You can have cheap or expensive equipment but in reality just know how to use it and you'll do just fine. Don't get sucked into what others think. Do your own research. 'The Mavic Pro has a crap camera' (so called experts) Eat sand punks. #allthegearnoidea #travelblogger
Travelgoals 🤙🏽 👉🏽 Follow for your daily travel dose! Photo by @jamesrelfdyer #travelpioneer