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    19-Jul-2017 23:43:33 PM
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Mozão te marquei nesse post, pq amei as flores 🙈🙈🙈 . Pode me acordar assim todos os dias... 😘😘😘 . #universodasnoivas #casamentos #wedding #noivas #noiva #ouniversodasnoivas #casamento #weddingdecor #weddings #weddingday #amei
Well of course she looks so pretty walking down the aisle but we're amazed by those color coordinated Paghdi. ❤️ this Inspo. #IndiagramWedding _____________________ 📸 by @theweddingsalad 👗 by @anitadongre
Você quer B R I L H O? Então toma! 💙💎 Detalhes da produção maravilhosa de ontem feita pela minha amada equipe que sempre arrasa, que tal gurias? Vestido @crismazzonetto Make @solangeribeirobeauty Hair @vilsenovaishairstylist Jóias @madamecjoias
Too much fun at the photobooth ✨💥 Congratulations on your union Bilal & Shonda 💕
"Bryant and I have a tradition of playing games at parks. Our very first game played together was Scrabble, and we've become very competitive about it since. One typical evening, we bought our cheese and crackers, grabbed our beach towels, and plopped down at our park to play. Like usual, I was concentrating really hard to win the whole time. Towards the end of the game, Bryant threw me the bag when it was my turn to grab my next letter. I reached into the bag but grabbed a fist full of air. I told him there were none left but he insisted there was one more, so I reached down again and then I felt one. My senses told me that what I touched was definitely not a square piece of wood, however, but more like a thin, circular piece of metal..." Hearts MELTING at her sweet reaction. More photos (and obviously the rest of the story) via the link in our profile! Photos by @jessierocks
Gorgeous bride Mayar special thanks @samerezz PHOTOGRAPHY makeup @alaaeltonsy hair @hamomohsen #weddings #bride #hautecouture #tagsforlikes #samohagras