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Why is this robot more talented than me? 😳😅😂
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About last night! All i can say that between watching my boy @wakaflocka perform and him agreeing to be in the film to speaking on an amazing panel of amazing people at @circlevfest to walking with my boy @moby To three places to finally find a cup of coffee to meeting @reggiewatts to meeting and bonding with so many amazing souls to missing @myaplanet9 even though we most likely were standing 1 foot away from each other lol🤣... there was so much but don’t worry i will post way More about the event! Thank you @chefitophoto for this amazing photo
. Travel is not a #vacation it’s an #education 🛬. #michellayoun #beirut #lebanon
When you're waiting for a cab and gotta entertain the kids! #loveyourself #treachercollins #tcs #raisingawareness #education #baha #hearingaids #antibullying #chile
This picture shows a US soldier as he stands in front of a destroyed German Panther tank outside of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany on April 4th of 1945. I can’t make out what the top of the sign says, but what I can read states, “Keep Out! Beyond This Point You Draw Fire On Out Fighting Men He Risks His Life 24 Hours a Day Do You? This was the end of the line for Germany. April of 1945 was really warfare on the western front as it was simply the taking of German lands. The German Army was devastated, and what remained of it largely tried to fight the Soviets in a hopeless effort. In the West, small bands of Wehrmacht, Waffen SS, Volkssturm, Hitler Youth, and Civilians fought a guerrilla war against the US and other western allies, often hiding and carrying out a ambush attacks before running off again. Thousands of kids died this way. They were forced to fight for their Fatherlands, and because they had been a part of Nazi Germany for most, if not all their lives, they served with blind loyalty to Hitler. The smaller children often were equipped with panzerfausts because they had no recoil, and they would be sent to attack allied armor columns advancing into Germany. The usual strategy was to knock out the lead tank, thus halting the rest, and then, if they have the numbers, attempt to knock out a few more before scurrying into the woods. If you have ever watched Fury, one of the only accurate parts of the film is when the group of German Boys attack a tank column, knocking out the lead tank and then attempting to flee. At the end of the scene it zooms in on one of the boys and you realize that this kid, who should be playing with his friends or going to school, was fighting a war he didn’t truly know anything about.
Ini adalah Epicrates Cenchria, juga dikenali sebagai Ular Boa Pelangi🐍. Spesies ini boleh ditemui di Amerika Tengah dan Selatan, dimana warnanya menjadikan mereka haiwan kesayangan yang popular di seluruh dunia. . Ular ini terkenal dengan warna kilauan yang mempersonakan yang ditunjukkan pada struktur warna di badan mereka. Saintis Stéphanie Doucet dan Melissa Meadows menulis secara terperinci dalam laporan mereka mengenai topik ini. Iridescence dihasilkan oleh struktur yang disebut "iridophores", sel seperti kristal kecil yang mempengaruhi cahaya. . Iridophores ini meresap cahaya, kemudian menghasilkan warna "pelangi", kesan yang kita lihat pada makhluk yang indah ini. #atokdean #matiitubenar #greenscience #science #nature #biology #physics #light #earth #education #animal #wildlife #naturephotography #color #iridescence #snake #boa #rainbowboa
Thousands of students marched in London yesterday to demand free education funded by taxing the rich. Hansika Jethnani, one of the organisers, said: “Tuition fees are fundamentally illegitimate. Education is a public good, not a product.” Cabinet members have reportedly been considering a number of education reforms before next Wednesday’s budget announcement, including reinstating maintenance grants and reducing or even abolishing tuition fees. #FreeEdNow Photo: Amer Ghazzal/REX Shutterstock