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#sundayfunday was an absolute success! Started with me dragging knee for the very first time ever, and then ended with me lowsiding 🤣. Went down at Palomar around 45mph taking a right-hand hairpin. Gave it a bit too much throttle mid-turn and I lost the rear. Luckily there wasn't an on-coming car because I slid all the way into the other lane. My bike stopped right under the guard rail. Thank you @revitsport for keeping me safe, and intact! The Hunter suit did it's job, and I feel untouched! CRASH VIDEO IS POSTED———————————————————————— #honda #hondacbr #hondacbr600rr #600cc #600rr #cbr #cbr600rr #cbr600 #cbrnation #bikelife #riderich #sportbikesquad #sportbikespectrum #shoei #motorcycles #motorcycle #throttlesociety #gopro #alpinestars #revit #runthis #bikeswithoutlimits #yoshimura #ridedunlop #pirelli #motoOhana #palomarrookies #palomarriders

  • Shitty dude. You and the bike seem to of got out pretty unscathed so kudos for that
    16-Jul-2017 23:53:49 PM
  • 16-Jul-2017 23:54:18 PM
  • @yuhboydee super shitty! but in my opinion, as long as I'm okay, I'm pretty much paying in damages for a great learning experience. I'm glad it happened.
    16-Jul-2017 23:54:56 PM
  • Damn dude sorry to hear that but glad all the gear did its job.
    17-Jul-2017 00:01:45 AM
  • Damn broseph, it was fun running with u guys this morning and glad it all worked out in your favor!
    17-Jul-2017 00:03:16 AM
  • @s1000rr_pilot thanks man! I'll be out there again ASAP! Haha
    17-Jul-2017 00:06:46 AM
  • Oh noooo!! Glad you choose to low-side, high-sides are no fun. But congratz and welcome to the knee draggin club! At that angle, tire temp is 🔑!! Make sure those babies are warm before you put a knee down. Id hate to say it but, depending on how crazy you are, im sure this wont be your last fall. There will be other crashes 😜 Also, get some axle sliders, they couldve save a lot of the damages.
    17-Jul-2017 00:16:06 AM
  • @darnell_p86 Oh I know there are more to come (;
    17-Jul-2017 00:17:27 AM
  • Case savers are a worthy investment 😎
    17-Jul-2017 00:18:43 AM
  • Nooo!!😢 Glad your good with minor damage 🤙ive been there twice it sucks just dont let that scare you to not ride like before the accident
    17-Jul-2017 00:18:46 AM
  • @s1000rr_pilot I'll get on that 🤣😅
    17-Jul-2017 00:19:41 AM
  • @juwan_s1000rr not scared at all! Wasn't shaken up actually. I'm heading back as soon as my rearset is fixed 😉☺️
    17-Jul-2017 00:20:08 AM
  • @the.sultan.ali thats good i know when some people go down on a turn it scares them on turns after. But that what separates riders from commuters 👌😎
    17-Jul-2017 00:21:58 AM
  • Sorry bro
    17-Jul-2017 00:26:06 AM
  • Uau
    17-Jul-2017 01:14:00 AM
  • Glad your good bro.
    17-Jul-2017 01:39:43 AM
  • @toytaco_r1 thank you brother
    17-Jul-2017 01:56:47 AM
  • Damn hope your ok
    17-Jul-2017 02:34:05 AM
  • @noyp_boi appreciate it !!
    17-Jul-2017 02:35:10 AM
  • @the.sultan.ali another good thing is your bike doesn't have electronics and you're learning things based on what the bike is doing. You'll learn faster that way for sure 👊🏽
    17-Jul-2017 03:49:15 AM
  • @gsxr_fj_wilton I really like that about my bike!
    17-Jul-2017 03:50:47 AM
  • minimal lecet ga patah jn pasang trus @risyamuhammad
    17-Jul-2017 05:05:20 AM
  • Frame sliders🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼👍🏼
    17-Jul-2017 05:42:26 AM
  • Nice
    17-Jul-2017 10:55:24 AM
  • Cool
    17-Jul-2017 15:03:32 PM
  • You good though. Thats what matters. Rebuilding mine still 😢 @the.sultan.ali
    17-Jul-2017 16:11:47 PM
  • @mase626 hell yeah!!! Love em
    17-Jul-2017 16:23:42 PM
  • 17-Jul-2017 16:23:49 PM
  • @gsxr.pilot_21 yeah I so thankful! Did you leave already?:/
    17-Jul-2017 16:24:18 PM
  • All ok if you okey too
    17-Jul-2017 22:58:00 PM
  • Not yet bud @the.sultan.ali
    17-Jul-2017 23:15:53 PM
  • You need a rearset? Mine isn't mint but if it fits you'd be happy
    18-Jul-2017 04:31:06 AM
  • @noel_stewart81 bro you are SO kind! I already ordered a set! I'll be there next weekend! Hope to see you!
    18-Jul-2017 04:33:02 AM
  • Oh ok.
    18-Jul-2017 04:38:13 AM
  • Ini fungsinya om @mcgillis_fareed
    18-Jul-2017 04:48:13 AM
  • Atleast you are allright.....motor can be fixed.
    18-Jul-2017 07:17:03 AM
  • Follow me for no reason at all 👌🏻
    18-Jul-2017 20:45:40 PM
  • With or without frame slider, you still need to repair the damaged parts.
    19-Jul-2017 10:48:34 AM
  • 19-Jul-2017 14:06:55 PM
  • Cool!
    20-Jul-2017 09:06:30 AM
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