Priyanka Chopra ( @priyankachopra) has many titles under her belt — actress, Miss World 2000 winner, philanthropist — but her original career aspirations had her heading toward a very different field altogether: “I was studying to be an aeronautical engineer,” she says. “But fate took me on another exciting journey!” Born in Jamshedpur, India, Priyanka lives “in a creative shuffle” between Mumbai and New York City, and despite her busy schedule, she still finds time for family and “long walks with my li’l doggie, Diana,” she says. “In my personal life, I am most proud that I’ve been able to take care of my family. Professionally, I want to keep challenging the status quo, and exploring all forms of my creative expression.” Photo by @priyankachopra

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  • Hello there! anyone who is willing to support a young raw artistic talent like me😇😇, plz visit my profile 😊😊
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