Laundry swaying on the line caught the eye of Norwegian art teacher Ragnhild Furulund ( @ragnhildsvisuelledesign) for this #BoomerangOfTheWeek, captured on a road trip across a Greek island. “When I saw the clothesline, I decided to stop,” says Ragnhild. “I find clotheslines fascinating — I think because they consist of composition rules like line, rhythm, repetition and movement.” Add #BoomerangOfTheWeek to your next Boomerang — yours might show up here on @instagram. #Boomerang by @ragnhildsvisuelledesign

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    29-Jul-2017 08:09:45 AM
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    29-Jul-2017 13:27:53 PM
  • People who comment on this being colorful or creative are idiots
    30-Jul-2017 01:14:55 AM
  • Hello Instagram managers good morning. I can't upload the video. Instagram help center no replied to my trouble shoot request.not at all such this problem in the report list Why?please guide me. Wishing you have a great day
    01-Aug-2017 05:43:00 AM
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    02-Aug-2017 20:13:17 PM
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    02-Aug-2017 23:46:30 PM
  • I think it's beautiful in its simplicity
    04-Aug-2017 01:28:20 AM
  • That's creepy as all hell
    04-Aug-2017 17:10:24 PM
  • It looks like dancing sheets
    04-Aug-2017 17:11:21 PM
  • What is that supposed to mean
    04-Aug-2017 22:30:19 PM
  • شنو هاذا يا خره
    05-Aug-2017 15:05:04 PM
  • 🔥
    07-Aug-2017 13:25:10 PM
  • Fascinating!
    07-Aug-2017 16:21:12 PM
  • Cling in family ...
    07-Aug-2017 18:20:33 PM
  • .
    07-Aug-2017 20:02:37 PM
  • Remember this, I am Nowegein
    09-Aug-2017 19:22:33 PM
  • Wind
    13-Aug-2017 12:25:20 PM
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    18-Aug-2017 08:58:31 AM
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    19-Aug-2017 18:19:27 PM
  • Gracias Instagram te amooo hasta el infinito y más aya
    21-Aug-2017 01:18:30 AM
  • Instagram please check your direct message i sent you a video
    21-Aug-2017 07:10:33 AM
  • Abi bu ne ya
    23-Aug-2017 13:02:01 PM
  • Excellent
    02-Sep-2017 08:59:53 AM
  • 👩
    06-Sep-2017 19:54:41 PM
  • بیمزه
    10-Sep-2017 08:04:31 AM
  • The good old days
    10-Sep-2017 11:30:25 AM
  • Windy windy..
    04-Oct-2017 14:51:58 PM
  • I love this prog boomarange
    04-Oct-2017 21:27:38 PM
  • What a beautiful pup 🐶❤️
    06-Oct-2017 13:17:03 PM
  • Love this,makes me think of when I was young!!
    19-Oct-2017 00:26:13 AM
  • Lindos
    22-Oct-2017 01:46:15 AM
  • تبيتيسؤة
    14-Nov-2017 13:00:34 PM
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