Hello, world! It’s time to meet today’s #WeeklyFluff: Bacalao ( @yogalgo), a shy, intelligent and loving Galgo Español, or Spanish greyhound. She’s the star of a documentary film called “Yo Galgo,” made by her human Yeray López, which raises awareness about the overbreeding of this type of dog for racing and hunting. Follow @yogalgo to see what Bacalao — and her adopted sister and couch mate, Tzatziki — are up to. Discover more stories from the Spanish-speaking community on @instagrames. Photo by @yogalgo

  • I have more dogs 🐶 than that
    10-Aug-2017 18:58:21 PM
  • Hi
    12-Aug-2017 01:40:57 AM
  • як як як
    12-Aug-2017 05:23:55 AM
  • doggyy 😀
    12-Aug-2017 15:42:44 PM
  • Love the little darlings
    13-Aug-2017 00:41:38 AM
  • 13-Aug-2017 16:21:15 PM
  • C'est une Chine mer de !! pa bonne image
    15-Aug-2017 09:36:19 AM
  • Very cute dogs
    16-Aug-2017 08:47:12 AM
  • Gt
    16-Aug-2017 14:05:41 PM
  • Quantas Lambidelas
    17-Aug-2017 13:09:53 PM
  • 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐩🐩🐩🐩
    18-Aug-2017 08:55:52 AM
  • Great 👏👏
    19-Aug-2017 17:41:19 PM
  • 😱
    19-Aug-2017 18:19:43 PM
  • Fabulous and frameable!!!
    19-Aug-2017 22:50:17 PM
  • 😂
    20-Aug-2017 08:19:28 AM
  • Una familia
    22-Aug-2017 23:54:17 PM
  • Lit 🔥🔥🔥
    23-Aug-2017 13:02:47 PM
  • Beautiful! We also have beautiful Leggings with Dog Print.
    24-Aug-2017 12:36:06 PM
  • 24-Aug-2017 14:59:35 PM
  • Awwww so beautiful!!! This is what I call happiness
    26-Aug-2017 19:39:43 PM
  • Omg
    27-Aug-2017 05:18:08 AM
  • 💟
    29-Aug-2017 14:35:46 PM
  • Super shot😗😚😛😍☮📸
    31-Aug-2017 13:13:40 PM
  • loof
    31-Aug-2017 22:26:24 PM
  • cute❤❤❤
    03-Sep-2017 18:49:25 PM
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😂😍😍😍😍😍😍
    06-Sep-2017 17:24:14 PM
  • Follow me please
    20-Sep-2017 16:17:59 PM
  • Top
    02-Oct-2017 18:31:29 PM
  • Cute
    04-Oct-2017 14:53:18 PM
  • @motocollab agreed!!!
    06-Oct-2017 16:33:17 PM
  • So cute
    10-Oct-2017 22:38:01 PM
  • Wauuu
    17-Oct-2017 08:48:38 AM
  • Kocham bardzo takie wspaniałe pieski. Ja też mniałam psa o imieniu Doda Ambra Atabulus z rasy Hart Perski.
    21-Oct-2017 16:09:00 PM
  • Adorable
    01-Nov-2017 18:27:24 PM
  • Awww Love this! 💕
    08-Nov-2017 13:53:01 PM
  • هههه8 سبحان الله
    14-Nov-2017 07:34:02 AM
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