With a little bit of photo magic, Constantina Schmid-Mprigou ( @focuscada) captures whimsical scenes of people, places and the natural world. “Even as a child, I liked to create stories. I could fill my books with drawings of my dream worlds,” says the Greek-born, Germany-based artist, who aspires to tell unspoken stories in her fairy tale-esque images. “Everyone has a story, but not everyone likes to tell it.” Constantina is particularly inspired by fog — she’s been known to wake her family up to take early morning trips into the woods to watch it roll across the landscape. “What could be better than enjoying a mystical, fog-covered forest with a warm coffee?” Discover more stories from the German-speaking community on @instagramde. Photo illustration by @focuscada

  • ما را فالوو کنید
    22-Jul-2017 06:53:48 AM
  • 🌹 @peckpalit ♡ I'm tired😥now na ka✌
    22-Jul-2017 12:05:56 PM
    22-Jul-2017 12:54:33 PM
  • g
    22-Jul-2017 18:07:22 PM
  • ngapain bg mau bundir
    23-Jul-2017 01:45:11 AM
  • Amazing
    23-Jul-2017 05:35:26 AM
  • Dats so kl
    23-Jul-2017 14:00:47 PM
  • Follow me please
    23-Jul-2017 17:25:35 PM
  • Impresionante
    23-Jul-2017 17:39:33 PM
  • AMAZING❗❗❗
    23-Jul-2017 19:14:16 PM
  • 23-Jul-2017 22:34:51 PM
  • I like this pic
    24-Jul-2017 21:23:51 PM
  • Goner
    25-Jul-2017 03:37:36 AM
  • El exquisito placer de rajar en lo que a uno le gusta.
    25-Jul-2017 04:10:44 AM
  • That is cool
    25-Jul-2017 17:45:13 PM
  • The gateway arch. Lol
    25-Jul-2017 21:36:48 PM
  • HA The Gateway Arch in St. Louis. You can even see the windows at the top.
    25-Jul-2017 21:38:14 PM
  • this is in st. louis at the arch!!! NOT in germany
    26-Jul-2017 03:56:35 AM
  • Pretty sure this is STL
    26-Jul-2017 05:13:16 AM
  • Oh
    26-Jul-2017 06:15:38 AM
  • this is stl
    26-Jul-2017 14:10:09 PM
  • wow! 👀
    26-Jul-2017 16:35:22 PM
  • Wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    26-Jul-2017 18:59:16 PM
  • So cool
    26-Jul-2017 19:31:58 PM
  • OttimA foto
    26-Jul-2017 19:53:32 PM
  • .senza grilli bella piacio ole.....
    26-Jul-2017 19:54:23 PM
  • The twin tower is in Malaysia not Germany , why is the location in Germany ?
    26-Jul-2017 19:57:41 PM
  • Nice
    27-Jul-2017 06:07:48 AM
  • So cool
    27-Jul-2017 09:39:30 AM
  • 😘😘😘😗😗😗
    27-Jul-2017 10:25:26 AM
  • So cool wish it was me 😂
    27-Jul-2017 11:28:47 AM
  • عالی
    27-Jul-2017 13:16:00 PM
  • That's cool
    27-Jul-2017 17:36:27 PM
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