Up, up, up for a drone’s-eye view of the colorful levels of this elementary school in Victor Cheng’s ( @veeceecheng) #WHPmultiply submission. “I often find myself photographing Hong Kong’s architecture,” he says. “I love the vibrant colors of this photograph.” Photo by @veeceecheng

  • Aiwwa
    02-Aug-2017 13:44:58 PM
  • Likeeeeee
    02-Aug-2017 21:34:08 PM
  • Nice
    03-Aug-2017 14:11:59 PM
  • nice
    03-Aug-2017 20:50:02 PM
  • 🍍🍍🍍 Soo Pink Metal @veeceecheng @instagram
    04-Aug-2017 01:57:55 AM
  • Amazing. I wanna be there and have my photos clicked ❤✌😄
    04-Aug-2017 07:58:00 AM
  • It's in Hong Kong where I live 😻
    04-Aug-2017 07:58:58 AM
  • Hats off to @veeceecheng
    04-Aug-2017 08:00:52 AM
  • 😃
    04-Aug-2017 14:07:34 PM
  • Please check DM. Harassment issue!
    05-Aug-2017 07:41:36 AM
  • Awesome cool
    06-Aug-2017 18:56:40 PM
  • Somewere in Romania !
    07-Aug-2017 18:22:57 PM
  • .
    07-Aug-2017 20:03:25 PM
  • jest zrobione dronem
    08-Aug-2017 19:32:23 PM
  • C'est pire que Lardenne @aure_whitemamba
    09-Aug-2017 09:36:47 AM
  • Wihhh keren
    10-Aug-2017 09:24:54 AM
  • awesome cool !!! 👌
    11-Aug-2017 15:21:52 PM
  • this is drone foto
    11-Aug-2017 15:47:10 PM
  • wowwwww man
    11-Aug-2017 16:08:00 PM
    11-Aug-2017 16:19:27 PM
  • Best pisctures
    11-Aug-2017 19:58:13 PM
  • tbhnjjbj
    12-Aug-2017 01:28:28 AM
  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    12-Aug-2017 02:31:18 AM
  • Епик
    12-Aug-2017 04:49:33 AM
  • 12-Aug-2017 16:22:24 PM
  • It feels like another world here, like a painting came out of a canvas.
    15-Aug-2017 06:36:01 AM
  • Stadion nopo iku kok ngono
    19-Aug-2017 14:24:54 PM
  • 😱
    19-Aug-2017 18:20:27 PM
  • Waaawwww😍😍😍😍
    22-Aug-2017 04:06:02 AM
  • 30-Aug-2017 12:01:35 PM
  • Cool 😍🌈
    01-Sep-2017 07:30:48 AM
  • 😋😋❤😍😢
    02-Sep-2017 12:10:40 PM
  • How did you get up there
    05-Sep-2017 20:25:22 PM
  • nice
    09-Sep-2017 02:18:31 AM
  • Gt
    21-Sep-2017 16:43:02 PM
  • Gila itu tidur pun di lapangan.basket
    22-Sep-2017 16:59:53 PM
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