Bryce Harper ( @bharper3407) has a few important rituals before each big game — “most involve a pre-game meal, a fresh shower and getting my hair right” — and he’ll be indulging in them just the same before the Major League Baseball ( @mlb) All-Star Game, which takes place this evening in Miami. “It’s an awesome feeling to be recognized,” says Bryce, a right fielder for the Washington Nationals, who at just 24 will be making his fifth All-Star Game appearance. Bryce is already proud of what he’s accomplished in the sport: “I’m really fortunate to have achieved my dream of playing in the big leagues.” ⚾️ Photo of @bharper3407 by @thepaulkim

  • Best MBL player in baseball I hope he gets his world series win these year go nationals
    22-Jul-2017 21:35:29 PM
  • Come to Beşiktaş 😊 sende gel beyzbol isinede girebiliriz
    24-Jul-2017 06:00:59 AM
  • Gg
    24-Jul-2017 21:05:43 PM
  • Um no just no
    25-Jul-2017 17:45:43 PM
  • 😄👌👌
    25-Jul-2017 19:06:18 PM
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    26-Jul-2017 01:54:34 AM
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    26-Jul-2017 01:54:41 AM
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    26-Jul-2017 01:54:44 AM
  • Hm
    26-Jul-2017 05:29:37 AM
  • Gt
    26-Jul-2017 08:29:15 AM
  • 🤙
    26-Jul-2017 21:06:58 PM
  • @nahmbt t la?
    27-Jul-2017 02:33:59 AM
  • @ysra.__ scuse
    27-Jul-2017 06:22:19 AM
  • epic photo! :D
    27-Jul-2017 12:19:02 PM
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