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@memesvilleusa who's pawpaw is this 😩🎃 @memesvilleusa
Barspoon Skills from LTD follower @anfimovvadim 😳👍🏻🙌🏻 • Follow 👉🏻 @licensed_to_distill & Learn How To Craft Amazing Cocktails From The Best Bartenders & Mixologists In The World 🍸🥃🍹
¿Quién quiere su porción? Ya pronto se viene el mes de los milagros #turrondoñapepa para todos los #igersPeru 😋 📸 @limalimon_peru
Some Impressions from the @ferrari bar at the @iaamesse in frankfurt. No, I didn t drink alcohol. I was drinking espresso and some water 🙂 . Don t forget to drink enough water during the day guys! Stay hydrated! 💧💧💧 . #iaa #iaa2017 #iaafrankfurt #ferrari #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthychoices #healthyliving #healthybody #healthylife #bar #getbig #forget #dont #water #drinks #drink #drinking #drinkdrankdrunk #hydrate #alcohol #champagne #espresso
@chateauducrubeaucaillou is one of the oldest Bordeaux estates in the Medoc. Its history dates back to 1720, when the Bergeron family was in charge of the chateau. In 1795 Bertrand Ducru purchased the estate and added his name to the winery. "Beaucaillou" literally means beautiful stones because it is named after the beautiful large stones that cover its precious soils. And it is because this unique terroir, that this outstanding wine is considered the epitome of Saint Julien AOC, and it is one of the leading "second crus" from the 1855 classification.
Our next category for The Ultimate Guide to Kansas City is here! SWIPE RIGHT --> @leahblefko and I are talking Happy Hours! Click the link in my bio to see more 🥂 #LetsGoKC #TheGrounded
HEALTHY TUESDAY --- Some Healthy Tips When Drinking Alcohol --- 👉 @dailyadviceformen --- Many of us constantly struggle with the balance between drinking and being healthy. Well, it's definitely possible if you commit your mind to it. First of all, you need to drink in moderation if your goal is to truly stay healthy. It doesn't matter who you are, if you drink 10 beers and/or 10 cocktails (yikes!) every time you go out, or party, there is no way you can possibly maintain a truly healthy lifestyle. The following points and notes relate to the healthier members of the alcoholic drink family --- Typically, liquors are similar in caloric value, it is a myth that some are better for you than others. If the proof and sizing is the same, the calorie total will be very similar. A vodka soda, whiskey soda, tequila soda, etc. can be thought of as one in the same --- It's always a good idea to drink water in between drinks. Not only will it make hangovers more bearable, but it will slow down your inebriation (unless that's your goal haha) --- Eat before you start drinking, if you drink on an empty stomach you will get drunk faster and it may lead to poorer decisions in the night --- Liquor, poured neat or on the rocks: A typical 80 proof 1.5 ounce shot is around the 100 calorie range. Many of the additional calories that you consume when drinking should be blamed on the sugary mixer --- Liquor and water/soda: If you're going to add a mixer, these are preferable due to low calorie count --- Red and white wine: Proven to have certain health benefits such as lowering bad cholesterol and boosting good cholesterol. Also, lowering blood pressure, reducing risk of cancer and heart disease. 5 ounces equals about 110-130 calories depending on the type of wine --- Light beer: Higher in carbs but it takes longer to consume, so overall effect and payoff is better. Calorie count will be in the 80-120 range, but for 12 ounces of fluid ---