When Rosanna Pansino ( @rosannapansino) first moved to Los Angeles from her hometown of Seattle, she decided to start making online videos to get more comfortable in front of the camera. “One of my first videos was me making a Mario-themed cake,” she says. “After posting that, I began to get requests to make more themed treats.” And so, Nerdy Nummies, Rosanna’s weekly online baking show, was born. Baking has long held a special place in Rosanna’s heart — her grandmother taught her the art of mixing, pouring and measuring when she was growing up, and continued to be a family activity during holidays and special occasions. Even today, Rosanna’s family is behind the scenes of Nerdy Nummies. “My mom, dad and sister all moved to LA to help run the show,” she says. This year, Rosanna is heading back to #VidCon, an annual celebration of video and video creators. “There are always two best parts of VidCon,” says Rosanna, “catching up with my friends and meeting my awesome viewers.” Photo by @rosannapansino

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