The Supreme Court ruled today that the government can’t deny a trademark to Asian-American rockers The Slants just because it doesn’t like their name. The Slants chose their name to reclaim and redeem a racial slur often used against Asians and Asian-Americans. Today’s decision will put a stop to the absurd practice of federal Patent and Trademark Office examiners acting as formal speech police. #firstamendment #1a #theslants #music 🎸🎹🎤

  • What if it was a white band that wanted to call themselves _____ ?
    19-Jun-2017 23:43:27 PM
  • I'm not happy with the Redskins possibly getting their trademark back so idk how I feel about this.
    19-Jun-2017 23:45:40 PM
  • YES.
    19-Jun-2017 23:49:45 PM
  • @royalty.free_ We both know that the team's corporate lawyers will use this case's ruling to defend their use of the Redskins name. C'mon now
    20-Jun-2017 00:38:53 AM
  • So proud of @slantsofficial - you guys deserve this!! Well done @simonthetam! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
    20-Jun-2017 00:44:28 AM
  • 👏🏾👏🏾
    20-Jun-2017 00:45:41 AM
  • I've followed this story from the beginning and I'm so proud of them!! Congrats to all!!
    20-Jun-2017 01:16:43 AM
  • YES! I just listened to the Planet Money about this case this morning!
    20-Jun-2017 01:23:22 AM
  • F yah.
    20-Jun-2017 01:37:28 AM
  • This sets precedent for allowing the use of a racial slur as the name of a particular American football team. Disappointing, ACLU.
    20-Jun-2017 01:52:53 AM
  • @chandrabaerg he can have his team name as whatever the hell he wants it to be. True, it's horrid that he wants it to be that. But it's his right. Free speech is an absolute right.
    20-Jun-2017 03:32:01 AM
  • 20-Jun-2017 04:04:34 AM
  • These guys KICK ASS...!! Congrats on the victory!
    20-Jun-2017 04:05:10 AM
  • What a fantastic name
    20-Jun-2017 05:12:58 AM
  • thank you #theslants for staying the course for us all. #freespeech #1stamendment
    20-Jun-2017 05:30:55 AM
  • Hahah hahah you jokers over at the @aclu_nationwide just looooooove free speech...that is until a conservative shares their opinion then all you say is "hateful! Bigot! Homophobe! Racist!" or whatever other shaming words you feel at the moment🙄
    20-Jun-2017 06:07:43 AM
  • Yay! Finally.
    20-Jun-2017 07:03:18 AM
  • @19amanda89 irony: you get to voice your opinion because of these jokers
    20-Jun-2017 10:12:01 AM
  • It's stinks for the "redskins" branding though
    20-Jun-2017 10:49:41 AM
  • @19amanda89 wahhwahh the ACLU is always supporting the minorities BUTTTT what about the majority's right to discriminate against the minorities? (If your opinions are consistently labeled as "bigoted" don't u think it's worth taking a look at why they're being labeled that way instead of dismissing all criticisms as "shaming words"????
    20-Jun-2017 13:44:37 PM
  • Yes. But the flip side is that the Washington Redskins now have precedent for their offensive name.
    20-Jun-2017 13:47:26 PM
  • //////////!!!!!
    20-Jun-2017 13:48:05 PM
  • Right on!
    20-Jun-2017 14:02:04 PM
  • Thank you @realgop , finally someone with some common sense!👍
    20-Jun-2017 14:02:47 PM
  • @htc_tho then where is MY free speech?? Guess i don't get the same rights as you all because i have a different point of view. Who on earth gave liberals the right to determine what is "hate speech" & what isn't?? Nobody did that's right, & if we let them do so nobody will ever be able to say anything because they'reoffended by everything & try to shut down the 1st amendment just like they shut down our 2nd amendment. Needless to say, maybe you should try to LISTEN to someone else's point of view & allow them to have one of their own rather than automatically labeling them a racist, bigot or any of your other hate words...
    20-Jun-2017 14:08:50 PM
  • @realgop @19amanda89 I'd like to live in that ideal world too
    20-Jun-2017 14:08:53 PM
  • Denial is a river in Egypt
    20-Jun-2017 14:12:48 PM
  • @19amanda89 for a self-identified "Christian," you sure are filled with hate and venom - looks like you need to reread your bible - the New Testament- and learn from the document you claim to hold as sacred. Jesus never ever promoted violence of any kind - ever. Jesus opposed HATE, opposed killing in every form. Jesus would have opposed guns had they been invented during his "lifetime." Do not mistake the Old Testament sections of the Bible with the teachings of Jesus Christ; the Old Testament sections are BEFORE Christ lived, and to be a "Christian" one believes and adheres to the teachings of Christ, which are specifically "to love & accept each other." You viciously attack others without provocation, and it is very clear you should reread and study carry the language in the amendments and Constitution. I also strongly suggest you read the autobiographies of the Framers - Jefferson, Franklin, etc. - their OWN words - not biographies written by others. The only "religious" Founding Father was John Adams - ALL the rest did NOT believe in God. ALL the Founding Fathers were progressive liberals who read and believed in French ideas/ideals and the French intellectuals of their time (e.g., Jefferson & Franklin in Paris) who self-identified as being ENLIGHTENED Diests (those opposing the traditional forms of God & organized religion). And by the way, the Second Amendment gives the "militia" the right to bear arms - read it. Comma/punctuation/spelling rules have changed since the 18th century - see the typography for the spelling & comma usage in original manuscripts.
    20-Jun-2017 17:00:20 PM
  • We already have Uncle Kraker, why not give The Slants their name too! Good for them 👍 👏👌✊
    20-Jun-2017 17:51:40 PM
  • @monkeyshines29 I wasn't even talking to you..sorry for striking such a huge nerve!😂 Guns save lives everyday...but there's no use arguing common sense with someone like you who obviously prefers to lecture rather than listen...🙄
    20-Jun-2017 21:47:49 PM
  • @19amanda89 where are your rights? Your rights as a white Christian in America? Btw I'm curious ~do you see this particular case fought by the ACLU (the one involving the slants) to be an infringement on your rights? Do you find the outcome problematic?
    20-Jun-2017 22:50:58 PM
  • @htc_tho hahah always gotta bring race into it. What does the color of my skin have to do with anything?? Answer it doesn't. All I was saying is that EVERYONE should have the right to free speech. And it has nothing to do with infringing my rights, I just think it's hilarious that they fought to call themselves the very thing they find so offensive being called😂 Oh the irony...
    20-Jun-2017 23:55:14 PM
  • @19amanda89 LOL they can call themselves whatever the fuck they want. The only thing that's ironic is your understanding of our constitution.
    21-Jun-2017 07:36:35 AM
  • @htc_tho true, now everyone will be calling them that 😂 You're right, I do understand the constitution, thanks for noticing 😆👌
    21-Jun-2017 13:37:20 PM
  • 19amanda89, you have issues.
    21-Jun-2017 20:12:01 PM
  • @19amanda89 Sure - just ask Philando Castile how those "guns save lives every day." Worked out well for him, didn't it? By the way, when you post publicly, you "talk to" all who read publicly posted content, so yes, you were talking to me. I have common sense. I would ask that you read what I suggested, and then we can discuss further, in civil terms, without your dismissive tone. But often it's been my 60+ years' experience that some folks just listen to their friends and family's views without reading and learning, so the "nerve" struck is yours. After you've read Franklin's and Jefferson's autobiographies, we can talk. Till then, keep safe. I don't carry, and I don't live in fear. And really, not sure you do understand the Constitution- not in the least. But you are angry and afraid, so I feel sorry for you that you think a gun and poor understanding of historical documents will make you feel safe. Try to be kind to others- like Jesus was. Also, the word "ironic" does not mean what you intend it to: look the word up; it is the most incorrectly used word in the English language, and you demonstrate a lack of understanding, lack of basic semantics, when you use words incorrectly. And when referring to the specific document - the Constitution, the word is a proper noun, which requires capitalization. Lowercase constitution refers to constitutions in general.
    22-Jun-2017 00:36:58 AM
  • @monkeyshines29 wow another book.😂 That's nice you have time to debate but I have other things to do with my time so you can continue this with someone else who likes to argue... Peace out✌
    22-Jun-2017 00:54:11 AM
  • @19amanda89 Thanks much - may the peace of Christ be with you, too! But there is nothing wrong with reading; reading books will do more for you, your mind, and even your soul than make-up, Instagram, and shopping. (Seek NOT material things.) Good luck to you, and peace to you and yours: I sincerely mean that. And like Christ, do be kind to those who are different from you. Maybe even volunteer in a hospital instead of shopping next week or going to target practice: you would be surprised at how helping others makes one less willing to pick up a gun.
    22-Jun-2017 04:59:49 AM
  • @monkeyshines29 thanks, God bless🙏
    22-Jun-2017 05:15:50 AM
  • This is awful. You never would have posted this if they weren't Asian, but because they are, you think this offensive shit is OK. Next let Muslims and Christians trademark faggot and let the KKK trademark nigger. What the fuck is the point of this organization if not to protect civil liberties by not having the government sanction this shit?
    20-Jul-2017 09:52:14 AM
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