Walking in the field. Don't mind the guys squatting next to you. *Like and Follow!*📷 #photographer #photography #field #brother #park #Houston #nature #terrencephotography

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Meet @theharperwatters and @rhyskosakowski. Their left stroke just went viral. Be Humble @kendricklamar.
Sorry for my festival mood and beeing inactive since yesterday 😵 new posts tomorrow 🖤
ever had suicidal thoughts? - @ripfairy - "i’m too much of a coward to kill myself so i tell you i want to die in my sleep and honestly, maybe i’m just looking for a reaction out of you and it’s maybe it’s working because you say you don’t know what you’d do if you ever lost me, you say you never want to wake up and hear that you’ll never be able to see me again and i expected it to make me feel better but it just makes me remember that a year ago, you were leaving me and i don’t know how to tell you that it would hurt way less to die than to be put through what you put me through. i don’t know how to tell you that yeah, i’m still breathing, but you already fucking killed me and every day, i walk around with the ghost of your memory and i try to forget that you don’t love me and yeah, we’re still friends, but we’re friends with memories and when i get drunk, i still tell you i love you and you thank me for still being here and you don’t say it back you don’t say it back you don’t say it back and why the fuck should i believe you when you say that you’d be upset if i died when you didn’t care when you were shoving the knife through my life" — i guess it’s true that people only miss you when you’re gone but i wish for once, someone would value me before that
That was a wet shoot hehe. More bts on my patreon..videos will be posted of the shoot tomorrow❤ . Also new youtube video tonight❤ . Ordered a ring light wich should come in next week for some better lighting!! . #goth #beautiful #pretty #tattoos #piercings #smile #makeup #motd #alternative #tattoomodel #inkedgirl #findom #inkedmodel #altmodel #gamergirl #sexy #gamer #happy #instagram #latex #fetish #latexmodel #latexfashion #tattoedgirl #redhead #redhair #misshorror
Attract what you want by being what you want... 🕶 - @thevintagetrap
so I've been asked why crossfit over body building | body building taught me so much. Showed me how disciplined I could be. Showed me how mentally tough I can be. How to grind out the long hours in the gym alone. How to work when you're tired and hungry.... and towards the end it made me realize I had so much more to give than to work for years on my outside appearance, all to stand in a tiny bikini for 60 seconds to be judged on my hard work & that "my look" wasn't what they were looking for that day | all the while I was unhealthy and mentally torn apart and had an awful relationship with food. It's actually quite sad. You spend years chasing "a look" that's it.... || I didn't love the "sport" if you want to call it that | I want to feel strong & confident ALL THE TIME not just when I'm "lean" • | crossfit isn't a beauty pageant. Crossfit doesn't give AF about your looks. Your performance is what matters. You have to be an athlete and you have to be healthy inside and out. You're eating to perform, you're recovering to perform | and at the end of the day YOUR numbers on the board is where the winner comes from, how hard you worked matters. That's the sport I want to be in. That's the community and place I want to be in. I'm at my healthiest mentally and physically than I have ever been in my life. -- so that's a no for me. I don't miss BB 👌🏽