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Buenos dias! Well the sun is out even though it's a little bit chilly, 😨 but that is okay because I just throw on my 😎 @designershopmiami and boom! Flawless. 🤣🤣 Just kidding! Well it's a new week, so that means a fresh start... exciting! So let's hear this weeks game plan on progressing in any aspect. Ready set go!!
Today on TLP - Pumphpuse Point by @cumulus_studio 💭 An adaptive reuse project encapsulating rugged simplicity and unrefined comfort. Read the full project overview in our profile 👆🏽 Words by @eohunt 🖊 Project photo gallery by, Stuart Gibson & @sharyncairns 📷 Located in Tasmania, Australia 🇦🇺
Sometimes the simplest designs are the best designs! We custom built this unit for a client in Liberty Village Are you a fan of the black steel and walnut?
Nothing like fresh garland to bring in the welcoming holiday spirit. ✨🌲 #thefoxgroup
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