When you hear it's gonna be infinity degrees today and you don't know what outfit to wear ☀️ #clothes #wardrobe #stylishdog #GQ #dapper

  • 😂😂 infinity degrees!
    19-Jun-2017 15:34:31 PM
  • Omg😰
    19-Jun-2017 15:37:49 PM
  • Oh my... do you have your own clothes rack? 😮😍
    19-Jun-2017 15:42:19 PM
  • @essentiallyoiled_ciara It's true!! 😂
    19-Jun-2017 15:43:19 PM
  • @brunoslife I need the hooman to fan me all day long 😜
    19-Jun-2017 15:43:43 PM
  • oh my gosh,look at their wardrobe!Love it!!👏💗
    19-Jun-2017 15:44:22 PM
  • @thepugarthur The hoomans gave us the lowest rack in their closet because our clothes were getting wrinkled in the dresser. Mommy doesn't even iron her own clothes so there's no way she's ironing puggy clothes 😝😂
    19-Jun-2017 15:45:44 PM
  • @daiseygal Mommy loves to shop and prefers to buy dog clothes because then she doesn't cry in the dressing room hahaha (for real tho 🤣)
    19-Jun-2017 15:47:49 PM
  • @gundersonthepug Well, this looks fantastic! I don't think there's any space left in my mom's closet for my clothes... Her stupid clothes are everywhere 🙄🙄
    19-Jun-2017 15:51:39 PM
  • @gundersonthepug then you should wear no clothes today if it's going to be that hot
    19-Jun-2017 15:54:56 PM
  • @essentiallyoiled_ciara I like the way you think!! If you need me, I'll be nakey in front of the air vent 😂
    19-Jun-2017 15:59:01 PM
  • Hoy festivo que me pongo??
    19-Jun-2017 15:59:13 PM
  • I wish I had that many clothes xx
    19-Jun-2017 16:08:42 PM
  • @gundersonthepug 😂😂 let the cool are blow through your fur and have some ice cold water
    19-Jun-2017 16:21:53 PM
  • Just go nude!!😆❤️😘
    19-Jun-2017 16:26:22 PM
  • Go nakey!! 👍🏻👍🏻
    19-Jun-2017 16:35:13 PM
  • Definitely nakey 😝😂
    19-Jun-2017 17:42:41 PM
  • 19-Jun-2017 18:14:13 PM
  • @thepugarthur I would pee on them and make room 😈💦👚💦👖😂😘
    19-Jun-2017 18:15:29 PM
  • @winston_tthe_pug It's no fun on laundry day 😝😂 I like your new shirt!!
    19-Jun-2017 18:17:29 PM
  • @ckclemens I was only hesitant because Serna bites my man-pug parts 🤣she's twisted!! Lol
    19-Jun-2017 18:19:12 PM
  • @hrobud I'm nakey and sleeping with one eye open so my sister doesn't bite me where it counts 😂 she's ruthless!! Haha
    19-Jun-2017 18:20:22 PM
  • @iammontythepug I'm a little nervous because Serna likes to bite my man-pug parts when she wants the toy I'm playing with. She should be jailed for that sort of behavior 😜😂
    19-Jun-2017 18:22:02 PM
  • Bikini 👙 😉😊😘❤️
    19-Jun-2017 18:30:56 PM
  • Woah so jealous!!!! 😍
    19-Jun-2017 19:42:19 PM
  • @darlingchoupette Oh my 🤣 I'll leave the bikinis to my sister 😂😂😂 Although I did look pretty sweet in my merpug costume 😜
    19-Jun-2017 20:52:25 PM
  • @edgarfrug My closet is your closet, pal. We can borrow each other's outfits like besties!! 😬👏🏼😘
    19-Jun-2017 20:53:49 PM
  • 😂😂😂
    19-Jun-2017 22:02:48 PM
  • I love this!!!!
    20-Jun-2017 05:03:48 AM
  • Serna does not look that impressed! 😂😂😂
    20-Jun-2017 09:44:08 AM
  • @gundersonthepug thanks :)
    21-Jun-2017 20:15:37 PM
  • #spoiledrotten 😂😂😂😂
    22-Jun-2017 02:39:19 AM
  • Haaahahaha
    13-Aug-2017 03:04:29 AM
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