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i believe in solipsism a little more than a bit because everything is just too coincidental
Join our #NerdBrigadeLA mission this year in supporting and donating #STEMInspired gifts!! I’m away for the holidays, so to start, I’m donating some science #books along with these recycled @4ocean bracelets, recycled #RubiksCube & @opcfhk eco-cans (all supporting marine conservation). Will try and find local sci-gifts and post more in the next few days. What #STEM gifts can you donate to your local drives? Let us know using #ScienceGreetings & sharing the sci-love!
Welcome to Everless, where time is money, bound to blood and extracted as coins. This epic fantasy coming out next month is our newest obsession (it’s intoxicating with romance and a rich mythology!) and we can’t stop watching the trailer—it’s absolutely flawless. Head on over to to watch it and let us know what you think!!! 💰✨⏳
Life is a journey. Pay attention to the signs... ____________________________ Who else like boba drinks as much as I do? 😄💕
comment your favorite book 📖 (m)
What are your thoughts on this? 🤔 Tag a friend who truly supports you! 🙏 Follow @hustleclass 👈 . . . . Credit to rightful owners | Via: @thesuccesssquad
2017 is almost over wtf since when
“I try not to think. It interferes with being nuts.” 😂😂
Neste Natal, para o Papai Noel completar nossa coleção do maior super-herói de todos os tempos, da @companhiadasletrinhas, vale tudo! Até mesmo jogar uma moedinha na Fontana di Trevi e fazer um pedido, ainda mais quando a Itália é logo ali... 📚 Jorge e Haroldo voltaram a aprontar. Em "Capitão Cueca e o ataque das privadas falantes", eles arruinaram a feira de ciências anual do colégio com suas brincadeirinhas de mau gosto, deixando o diretor uma fera e, depois, criaram acidentalmente um exército de privadas falantes, malvadas e poderosas que, assim que ganharam vida, decidiram dominar o mundo. Quem poderá impedir essas criaturas bizarras de espalhar os seus dejetos por todos os cantos do planeta Terra? É claro que esta parece ser mais uma tarefa para o grande Capitão Cueca! Muita diversão e bônus, como páginas animadas pelo próprio leitor, uma história em quadrinhos inédita e curiosidades esperam pelos nossos pequenos neste segundo "romance épico" de Dav Pilkey. E tenho certeza que muitos adultos tb vão gostar. Eu adorei! Agora é esperar que o Bom Velhinho nos atenda... 🎅🎅🎅🎅
“¿Te acuerdas cuando me preguntaste a quién quería más en el mundo? A ti. Tú eres la persona que más quiero en el mundo.” — Anna Todd, After. . . Tengo este libro super pendiente hace meses. Lo quería leer *para tener mi propia opinión a pesar de las críticas* y mi lindo mejor amigo @thebooksblogger me lo regaló❤️ ¿Ustedes lo leyeron? ¿Son del team que lo ama o del que lo odia? . . . #books #bookstagramarg #bookworm #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #love #perfectbook #igreadersarg #booklover #reading #igreaders #libros #lovebooks #currentread #instabook #bookish #bookaddict #loveread #bookstagramfeature #bookishfeatures #bookfeaturepage #culturetripbooks #christmasbookstagram #christmas #xtmasbooks
haven't read it yet oops. have you?
Diving into @lewishowes book this weekend, what are you reading at the moment? - Follow @carolinamillan for more . .
Free Masterclass (expires tomorrow): If you could have only one wish what would it be? You would be likely to ask for more wishes. So if you could learn only one thing — why wouldn't it be how to learn anything faster? Our brains have a vast untapped potential, we just need to learn how to use it. Join me for a free masterclass and learn how to unleash your superbrain! Click the link in my bio.
While the weather in LA may not be as cold as the nasty bitches in ENEMIES CLOSER, I’m breaking out the winter swag. Get the book — and the goods — this #holiday season for everyone on your #shopping list!
Quem já assistiu #Extraordinário? Por que a história de Auggie é tão emocionante?  R. J. Palacio, autora do livro que deu origem ao filme, gravou um vídeo muito fofo para os leitores! #livros #books #euamoler #Intrínseca #SomosTodosExtraordinários
Today for #darkfaesbookrecs I’m going to feature Wintersong by @sjaejones because I just finished and loved this one!!! . If you like gorgeous lyrical writing, music and romance you will definitely want to pick this one up! The pacing is a little slower but it went so well with the story and just added to the overall experience! This is one of those stories you want to savor and enjoy! I am honestly curious to see where the sequel will go because I kind of loved the way this one ended! If you love romance I imagine you will love this book! . The adorable penguin bookmark is from @mybookmark check out their bookmarks they are all so cute!! . #wintersong #sjaejones #romance #mybookmark #stmartinspress #bookrec #cozyread #lifestyleblogger #homedecor #bookstagram #books
Another great post by a reader getting into the Christmas spirit with a book. Thanks for the post @booksbysony #repost ・・・ Reading this #holidayseason @debbiemacomber ‘s #12daysofchristmas How cute is the #bookcover on this #book Who else loves reading #debbiemacomber books esp during #holidays . . . . . . #book #books #bookclub #booksbysony #currentlyreading #mynailsandmybook #read #reading #reader #bookish #novels #novel #bookphotography #booklovers #ilovebooks #igers #like4like #picoftheday #bookstagram #bookworm #booklover #bookcollection #winterbooks #christmasbook
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We’re buckling down for the final couple of weeks of 2017! On that note, we’ve sent an email with shipping updates - please check your email/spam folder if you have placed an order and email us on hello if you have any concerns. We’re getting back to all queries as quickly as possible! Thanks ✌🏼
🌊 — you’re my best friend, dude.
Продолжение "Шестерки воронов" Ли Бардуго @lbardugo появится в продаже через неделю! *** Казу Бреккеру и его команде удалось провернуть столь дерзкое похищение, что они и сами не поняли, как остались в живых. Но обещанная заоблачная награда уплывает из рук, и юные изгои вынуждены снова бороться за свою жизнь. Их обвели вокруг пальца и лишили ценного члена команды. Теперь у них не хватает людей, очень мало союзников и почти не осталось надежды. Давние соперники и новые враги бросают вызов коварству Каза, а его окружение подвергают испытанию на прочность. На темных и извилистых Тэги улочках Кеттердама разразится война – она и решит судьбу гришей.
It’s my #shelfiesunday post. I’ve never remembered to do this! Since I literally finished edits on #OneLastTime ... I was staring at it and poof. So fun. As you can see, I’m a little out of control with signed books 🙈. I can’t help it. They’re so pretty! #books #reading #shelfie #authorsofinstagram #corinnemichaels #romance #romancenovels #igreads #readingissexy #love #lovestories
what's a powerful novel you consider a must-read? • i think i first read the book thief around 3 years ago at this time of year? i cant believe it's been that long - that was before i even started bookstagramming! 🙈 thinking about it still pulls up all the crazy emotions, though - this novel is a must-read 💕 •
Do you have a favorite place to meet people? I had such an amazing time at a Nexum event the other night. This venue blew me away! Definitely one of my favorites. Met so many wonderful people that I look forward to collaborating with.