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This is so funny 😂 Tag a friend 👇 Via: The Late Late Show With James Corden #dscvrm #funny
Every lil' step you take @queenzflip Imma be right fuckin' there... jackass! Mothafucka I got a Bald Head!!! #BALDHEADGANG #DaBadGuy #TeamBrody
Ok, qui Nadine vince. (Per l’occasione: NADINE TERRANEVE ;) Tutte le volte che la guardo rido😂🙈 Mi aiutate a dare un titolo a questa foto?! Voi cosa scrivereste?
OMG WAIT FOR IT... 😂😂😂😂 (tag your partner👀) | 🎥: @iwillfoto
The Crazy Bird Lady Is Back! 🐦😂
Accurate 😂 Via @gymaholic_site
Which side? And should I️ do a tutorial on the look on the right? Also click the link on my bio to watch my new video if you haven’t yet! Have a nice day bbs! 💕💕