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📷 from @hanbit_the_one_eyed_cat 😙😙😙😙😙 ~ double tap ❤❤ 🐱🐱Shop for Cat Lovers 👉 @happypetclub bio #catloversclub
~ 📷: @midorinotanbo Selected by: @monicasisson Congrats @midorinotanbo — you’re a #bestmeow! Thank you for sharing your meow with us. ~ Follow @bestmeow and tag #bestmeow for your chance to be featured. Also check out our doggy account @bestwoof 🐶 --------- #bestmeow_midorinotanbo
From @tomozou128: "気持ちいいらしい(*´꒳`*)" #cutepetclub
Just doing some abs with @riptidetheretriever and the @stanfordwcrew team 😂
From @odiethefluffycorgi: So close 🐶👀
From @katieandfrankie: “When it smells so good you can taste it…then realize you dropped it on the floor instead.” #catsofinstagram
Three-toed Sloth | Photograph by Matthijs Hollanders ( @matthijs.hollanders) . “During a late-night hike through the Chocoan lowlands of Ecuador,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Matthijs Hollanders, “we came across a three-toed sloth close to the ground who was willing to pose for some quick photos.” — To celebrate #InternationalSlothDay, here are three facts for you about the three-toed sloth: • The sloth is world’s slowest animal, so sedentary that algae grows on its furry coat. • Sloths sleep in trees, and they sleep a lot — some 15 to 20 hours every day. • The three-toed sloth emits a long, high-pitched call that echoes through the forests as “ahh-eeee” Because of this cry these sloths are sometimes called ais (pronounced “eyes”).
I need captions
From @lexithesamoyed: “Dad, wake up! I wanna go for a walk. 😴🏃