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IHOP in that pool
See bruh it's exactly two types of girls taking snaps at Cubs games. Girls who make sure every snap INCLUDES the dude they with, and girls who got pics with every filter in every part of the stadium at every part of the game taking extra, extra care to make sure she has used every single filter including the big bald head brown beard filter and every last MF one of them snaps make her look like she at the game ALONE AS ALL FUCK 😂. Now see here's what's crazy. I could see it if homeboy ain't wanna be in the snaps because he with his side piece. But people don't take a side piece to Cubs games. Denny's at 2 am for pancakes after y'all done smashed each other to smithereens and are starving? Yes. Side pieces get tooken to Denny's. But Cubs games? Nah. That's not side piece activity. That's bae activity. U gotta cot damn near LOVE someone to spend three hours with they ass watching the most boring sport humans has ever created. But that love? That affection? That "hey Laura - you ever been to a cubs game? There's nothing like Wrigley Field - I think you'll love it ☺️" - that shit ain't being reciprocated. She there for the flex bruh. U a invisible snap flex enabler. This relationship won't exist next month. U saved in her phone as "free food Steve". It's time to spread your wings and find a woman who ain't tryina literally crop u out of her whole entire existence. U feel me? She out there. And she gon include u in EVERY LAST SNAP. P.s. None of u ladies better DM me like "non side chicks like Denny's at 2 am too 😤" ... I'm sure they do! But u happen to be a side chick no offense baby play that part and he might turn 30 and marry u for being loyal bless up 🤗😂😂😂
*chirps but it sounds like a spaghettios can opening* ~ · · #funny #animals #dog #cat #tumblr #textposts #tumblrtextpost #lol
Relationship team goals😭❤️