@thelightningdude Shane Kirk captures one of the tornadoes from the MOD Risk day in CO/WY/NE on June 12, 2017!

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It’s finished, it’s framed and it’s finals week 😅 I’ll post the full piece after the opening this Saturday, for now I’m keeping it under wraps ;))) I have two exams tomorrow to study for, but all I want to do is turn on a musical and brew some blackberry tea and paint all day. So here’s a swipe through gallery of the process throughout the last two months to help myself through this trying Monday 🤓 I’m excited for finals to be over so I can have all the late painting&tea&music&netflix nights without worrying about assignments for a little while ❤️❤️❤️ LIFE IS LOVELY EVEN WITH FINALS I HOPE YOU ALL DO WELL AND TREAT YOURSELVES LIKE YOU WOULD YOUR BEST FRIEND ❤️❤️❤️ ((fun fact the red polish on my thumbnail is in fact the only nail that is painted bc I painted one and then forgot to do the rest but it represents my efforts in this pic v nicely))
are you happy? 🏁 @killinghim - follow me ( @suffocate) for more deep quotes 🌹✨
Potato Salad with Black Truffles and Egg Yolk - Photo Credit: @danielhumm . . . . #elevenmadisonpark #11mp #emp #truffles #truffle #blacktruffles #blacktruffle #yolk #salad
do you ship?
Shout out to this sexy, talented artist for using me as a subject in his work. @ozzyla #art #ricashay #gogoboy
SOUTH BRONX X SOUTH BEACH THE COLLECTOR OF GOOD VIBES Skating in @faena with my closets friends was the perfect way to end the trip. I love you Miami. See you soon. Thank you @faena and family for this experience. TOP: @commedesgarcons X @nike JEAN : @levis JACKET : @balenciaga JEWELRY : @thirdcrown / @l_enchanteur SKATES : @FAENA #ARTBASEL #Faena #glam #travel #southbronxluxe #ART