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Aaron’s going to have the gazebo all lit up for Christmas, and I’m dreaming up a huge garden makeover around the entire thing. It’s not one of the top projects on our priorities list for next year, but dreaming is half the fun. 💚❄️🌿
Morning! We are determined not to spend our whole weekend glued to our computers but the 4300+ photos we took in Japan aren’t going to edit & process themselves... have a great Saturday, whatever you have planned. 👍🏼☺️🌿 #HaarkonGreenhouseTour
Early morning this time of year is the absolute best. The quiet before the storm on a beautiful Arizona Saturday. Stop in, get inspired and plant something!
Perfect mulberries😘👏😍 Use #hydrovegan to be featured
Com folhas brilhantes e cheias de charme, a zamioculca é uma ótima opção para locais com pouco sol ou ambientes internos. Ela é tão resistente que pode ser cultivada até mesmo em locais com o ar condicionado ligado. #dicadejardinagem #plantas #zamioculca #paisagismo #jardinagem #dicas #cultivo #green #garden #corredores #gardening #landscape