Nastaran Farjadpezeshk ( @nastaran__fp) is inspired by the simplicity of life outside of the city of Mashhad, Iran. “Whenever I get tired of the city, I take refuge in the suburbs,” she says. “It’s a new and different form of life.” #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @nastaran__fp

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⭕️ Ritual of burying the final manuscript of my new #book at the same place it was written from. #TaleOfTala, out next month! ⭕️ #Jericho #Palestine #اريحا #فلسطين ⭕️ #Writers #WritersLife #WritersOfInstagram #newnovel #mondaymotivation #novels #writing #books ⭕️
QOTD: What character from Harry Potter do you want to learn more about? 🕵️‍♀️🔎 . { @forevermaddy_ @hpfashion934 }
Hello, friends and followers!! How are you all doing? I hope you're having an amazing day, I am! I was just spamming a lot over on my spam account: @studyihng2! And also, if you didn't already know, I made a whole account for study notes, check it out if you want! @icedstudies 💓 - I'm about to start some work and about to do an essay☺️👏🏻 I can't let myself slip through the cracks because there's a lot of work I need to do this year and I really want to go to my dream university so I have to make ends meet!! I hope you all enjoy this peachy orange swatch! These swatches take me like 4 minutes to do and I love them so much! Maybe I'll create a tutorial on YouTube on how I take pictures of my swatches, etc and how to edit it! But I hope you all have a lovely day and I love you so much, also check out my story for motivational quotes☺️💓 . . . . . . . . . . • • • • • • • • • • #studyspo #study #studygram #studyblr #studyhard #studyinspo #studyinspiration #august2017 #obsession #stationerylove #studysupplies #planner #bulletjournal #bujo #books #bookstagram #studyaccount #bullet #notes #studyaccount #studymotivation #showmeyourplanner #stationery #bujoinspire #bulletjournalcommunity #alevels #plannercommunity #planneraddict #lettering #calligraphy
Knowledge is power 📚 Osaka, Japan 🌍 cc: @leaf_m_ #Awesome_Around
Advance look at NORSE MYTHS by Kevin Crossley-Holland that I illustrated. This is the U.K. edition from @bigpicturebooks - available for preorder wherever books are sold. USA edition from @candlewickpress #drawing #painting #book #books #bookcover #acrylic #ink #paper #illustration #art #mythology #norse #odin #thor #loki #kevincrossleyholland #jeffreyalanlove
Philosophers Stone - Gryffindor Edition Details (Swipe)🦁 ❤️ I was excited about this series but what I really love is the additional illustrations that have been added which I think are amazing. For me I think Mcgonagall is spot on and I love the overall quality of these paper backs! Even adding depictions of Nearly Headless Nick and Godric Gryffindor himself just adds to the experience when reading! Superb edition! 1/4 ⚡️ #harrypotter #potterhead #pottercollection #book #books #bookstgram #hogwarts #minervamcgonagall #ronweasley #hermionegranger #siriusblack #albusdumbledore #remuslupin #rubeushagrid #ginnyweasley #gryffindor #hufflepuff #ravenclaw #slytherin #philsophersstone
"Hay quienes aman despacio, con lentitud, dilatando cada instante, y quienes prefieren arder antes que consumirse lentamente." Ya tenéis la reseña de "13 horas en Viena" de Paula Gallego en el blog (enlace en la bio del perfil y en el stories). ¿Os llama la atención? ¿Os gusta la portada? ¡Pasad una buena semana! 🕐 #13horasenviena #libro #libros #literatura #leer #lectura #bookstagramespaña #book #books #reading #bookstagram #bookworm #read #library #booklover #instabook #bibliophile #literature #bookish #reader #bookaddict #igreads #instabooks #booklove #bookphotography #bookstore #booklovers #bookstagrammer #lovebooks #booksofinstagram
Vhagar died while Prince Aemond Targaryen was riding him. They were fighting Prince Daemon (The Rogue Prince) Targaryen and his dragon Caraxes. Both riders and dragons were killed during the fight. . . . #gameofthrones #got #stark #lannister #baratheon #targaryen #hbo #jonsnow #daenerystargaryen #tyrionlannister #aryastark #sansastark #kitharrington #emiliaclarke #peterdinklage #maisiewilliams #sophieturner #dragons #fantasy #books #asoiaf #asongoficeandfire #westeros #winteriscoming
Happy Monday, one and all. This week we're handing our account over to the wonderful @tschang, who will be taking us on a jaunt across Europe and sharing some of his favourite summer reads in the process . . . . . . . . . . . Hello, it is @tschang here, taking over @penguinukbooks this week. Summer holiday season is upon us. Whether you are in an exotic country or simply armchair travelling at home, summer is always better with a book. It has been a quiet summer for me as I stay put for most of the time in London but worry not, I am always on the move with my books. This week, I am going to share a few books that I have read with scenes set in various countries in Europe. First off is a beautiful story, The Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain. . Spanning a few decades in post-war Switzerland, this is a story of two boys from completely different backgrounds and social classes. We follow how their friendship formed, blossomed, grew apart and then see them finally reunited after going through the twists and turns of life. Bounded by the society barriers and moral grounds during the time, it is also a story about what one wished to but couldn’t achieve. It makes us realise how lucky we are with the life today. Set in Switzerland, reading the novel is like travelling across the country’s landscapes through the writing of Rose Tremain where you see dappled sunlight and falling snow, from season to season. . Swipe to reveal a photo of where the book is set.
Dads interact with their kids differently than mothers, and those differences can be hugely beneficial! 💫😊 Tag dad to let him know he should be reading to your little one every night!😄
Monday, August 21 — Finally in my apartment, explaining why I organized my bookshelves like that and how I find my books! - Hey guys, I hope you all having an amazing Monday! I am so happy to finally be able to take a proper #shelfie, so here is the result of 2 hours spent organizing my bookshelves! Since I've got a lot of messages asking me why I organized my bookshelves like that, how I find my books etc, I decided to explain everything in this post, so take a cup of coffee, grab some snacks and let's go! - "Why do you decided to organize your bookshelves like that?" | Well, there is not only one specific reason that I decided to do that, the first one would be that I'm in a very small apartment for my studies and I don't really have that much of luminosity and I've found that putting my books this way adds more visual space, and reflects much more the light coming from the outside! The second reason would be that I personally love having my books like that, it puts me in such a good mood, I find it extremely aesthetic pleasing and also very calming/cosy. The third and last reason is that I personally have an issue on sometimes finishing books, I feel attracted to pretty book covers like "oh I really want to start reading this one, should I stop my current read?", so having my books this way is helping me a lot to concentrate on what I am currently reading whithout being interrupted by the beauty of books! - "How the hell do you find your books?" | Well, having my books backwards isn't a big deal actually! Each book has its proper place, each shelve has its own genre such as Classics, Non Fiction, Mystery etc. I also know where my books are by the color of the pages, like if it is a second hand book, if the books looks the exact same at a certain place then I know it is a book series, I also do a stack of my ultimate favorite books so I know where they are etc. So it is extremely easy for me to know precisely where a specific book is since it is very organized (by author, genre, tbr, favs..) - Well, I hope you found this post interesting and now understand why I decided to put my books backwards🙌🏻 I'll soon be posting a close-up picture of my coffee corner!
Not sure we're quite ready to add "Future Scientist" to the list of possible professions for Harper just yet but Happy Eclipse Day everyone! #eclipse #solareclipse #eclipse2017 #sun #moon #space #science #astronomy #beer #smoking #relax #stars #daughter
What gets you up every morning? Are you motivated by just money? Or is it something more? . Comment below and tag a friend who is hustling hard.
Happy Monday, bookworms! I hope everyone got some rest and reading time over the weekend is ready for the new week. ✨ I thought I'd start off this week with a review! • I recently finished reading FOREST DARK, the newest novel from Nicole Krauss (out Sept. 12, 2017). Although it started off a bit slowly for me, I ended up loving this book. It required a bit of research on my end to keep up with it, and it's not the kind of book that spells things out for you. It has higher expectations of its readers, and I love that. I was fascinated by the characters and their travels to Tel Aviv in search of answers, although I think I maybe ended with more questions than when I started. I'm still thinking about the events of the novel, wondering which ones were even real, and wondering about the two main characters. Krauss is a brilliant writer. Her prose and musings on writing, on the multi-verse, on Kafka and the forests of Israel, were a pleasure to read and certainly required a little bit of work from me. I'm already planning a reread of this one once I have a physical copy. • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️\5. • I've written up a full review on my blog, so you can follow the link in my bio if you want to know more of my thoughts! • • • • #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #badassbookbabes #readwomen2017 #books #bookish #booksofinstagram #bookstagramfeature #bookfeaturepage #bookishfeatures #igreads #bookblogger #literaryjoreviews #bunchofbookbaristas #bookphoto #bookphotography #iphonephotography #bookaddict #bookworm #booknerd #bookblog #amreading #currentlyreading #forestdark #nicolekrauss #readmore
"I lost my sleep and this is the greatest tragedy that can befall someone. It is much worse than sitting in prison. I went out of the house at about midnight or later and roamed through the alleys. And there were only a few lunatics and me, all alone in the entire city, in which absolute silence reigned." Yeah, I agree with you, Cioran.
To all flat earthers, with love. Our favourite science guy ! #spreadknowledge #fightignorance #science #trump #solareclipse #climatechange
Dziś dla odmiany długaśne paplando 😁 TOP 10 POWIEŚCI MŁODZIEŻOWYCH, no i świetne promocje z okazji pierwszych urodzin księgarni :) Filmik ze specjalną dedykacją dla @bestselerki haha Zapraszam 😘 ps. robi się zimno, wyciągam swetry 😁 #bookstagram #booktube #books
••| i promise you.
⚜️Элегантность ёжика (2006)⚜️ 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 «Когда мне не по себе, я забираюсь в убежище. Для этого не надо никуда идти или ехать – достаточно перенестись в сферу литературных воспоминаний. Литература! Это ли не самое благородное развлечение, не самое приятное общество, не самое сладостное забытье!» 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 Чудесная книга, сотканная из всего, что я так люблю: литературные произведения, фильмы, музыка, кошки и жасминовый чай… Повествование в ней ведется от лица двух людей, которые вместе находятся в фешенебельном парижском жилом доме: одна работает в нем, а другая в нем живет. Консьержка Рене Мишель и девочка-подросток из богатой семьи Палома Жосс. Обе эрудированные и пытаются скрыть это от внешнего мира. Обе размышляют о жизни, о неравенстве в обществе, о смысле жизни и личностном конфликте. Роман сам по себе элегантен, но при этом достаточно колюч, как ёжик, ведь темы,затрагиваемые в нем, остры. При прочтении советую запастись чаем. Потому как по ходу действия его непременно захочется пить и вести неспешный диалог с писателем, соглашаясь или оспаривая ее мысли. Эта книга очень домашняя, очень душевная и меланхоличная. Не каждый к ней найдет подход, ибо читать ее надо в определенном состоянии. Например, в такие ленивые дождливые дни, когда захочется почитать что-то легкое и грустное одновременно. 📷🖋 @jasmin__diary ❗️Если у вас есть книги на обмен/продажу вступайте в нашу группу ВК (ссылка в описании профиля). 🖇 Чтобы оказаться на нашей странице отмечайте на фото и ставьте хештег #bookmoments
☀️Good Monday morning, Bookworms!! ☀️ --- Are you ready for the #SolarEclipse2017?? I've been waiting for this day to arrive for a while now, and I'm thrilled that my city is in the path of totality. This is going to be such a great experience for the kiddos and I. School is out today, and we've got our NASA approved eclipse glasses, so we are ready to go. Bring on the solar eclipse!! --- 📚 Sun on the Cover. (Solar Eclipse) #AlltheBooksAugust 📚 Same Book Different Edition. #AugustMaiden 📚 Earth or Space? #watermelanerdsaugust Both! 📚 Hyped Book You Haven't Read. #auginbooks17 I need to read this book soon!! --- ☀️ Are you watching the eclipse today?? ☀️ Have you ever seen one before?? --- Have a great day, all!! --- #bookphotochallenge #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramfeature #yabooks #summerreading #solareclipse
""""Çünkü siz oğlunuz donla gezerken “Maşallah benim oğluma!” deyip, kızınızın eteği uçunca ensesine tokat atanlarsınız. Çünkü siz “Pipini göster.” deyip oğlunuza para veren, açık kıyafet giyen kızınıza bağıransınız. Çünkü siz erkeğin sevgilisi olunca “Helal olsun!” diyen, kızınızın sevgilisi olunca “Orospu mu olacaksın başımıza?” diyensiniz. Çünkü siz erkeğe 15 yaşında araba kullanmayı öğretip kıza “Ne gerek var, öğrenme!” diyensiniz. Çünkü siz kızınızı okutmayıp evlendirince “Kocan çalışıp yoruluyor, tabiî ki hizmet edeceksin” deyip köleleştirensiniz. Çünkü siz misafir olduğunuz evde oğlunuzu baş köşeye oturtup, kızınıza “Kalk, yardım et” diyensiniz. Çünkü siz erkekler masada otururken kadınların yerde yemek yemesini yadırgamayan, yiyip içerken kadını hizmetçi gibi çalıştıransınız. Çünkü siz erkek evlat doğurmayan kadını hor görensiniz. Çünkü siz tüm mirası erkeğe bırakıp, kadına gelince “Kadın para işinden anlamaz, koca parasıyla yaşasın.” deyip erkeğe muhtaç edensiniz. Çünkü siz kahkaha atan erkeğe hayat dolu, kadına ise ‘yollu‘ diyensiniz. Çünkü siz sabahlara kadar eve gelmeyen oğlunuza “Araba lazım mı?” diye sorup, akşamüstü eve gelen kızınıza 50 bin soru soransınız. Çünkü siz cinsel ilişkiye giren erkeğe ‘sayer rijjel‘ (erkek oldu) deyip kadından ‘kızlık zarı çarşafı‘ isteyensiniz. Çünkü siz dizilerde bile kadın sözüne değer veren erkeğe kılıbık, light deyip, espriymiş gibi gülensiniz. Çünkü siz tecavüzcüsüyle zorla evlendirilip tecavüz edene aşık olan kadını konu alan dizilere reyting rekoru kırdıransınız. Çünkü siz kadın hakları konferanslarında bir tek kadına söz hakkı vermeyensiniz. Çünkü siz aldatan erkeğe, erkektir yapar deyip aldatan kadına şıllık, orospu, kaşar diyensiniz. Çünkü siz hayatını yaşamak isteyen erkeğe destek olup “Ben evlenmeyeceğim kariyer yapacağım.” diyen kadına “Otur oturduğun yerde" diyensiniz. #ygs #lys #ygslys #ygs2017 #lys2017 #ygslys2017 #2017tayfa #2018tayfa #ygs2018 #lys2018 #2018ygslys #2018ygs #ygslys2018 #study #studying #studyblr #student #studybreak #motivasyon #motivastion #books #mezun #inspire #mezuntayfa
Happy Monday. Do you ever have a "lost weekend" where you make all these plans to do stuff but you don't do them and you just lose yourself doing nothing? Maybe it's not the definition of a lost weekend, but that's what it felt like to me. I had so many plans and so much work to do but all of it was just lost because I kept on putting it off for something else. I guess I'll be catching up today. How was your weekend? . #books #booklr #bookstagram #bookish #bookblog #bookblogger #currentlyreading #thingsthathappenedbeforetheearthquake #chiarabarzini #bookphoto #bookphotography #booksandbeans #booksandtea #booksandcoffee #ootd #igreads #coffeenclothes #booksofinstagram #bunchofbookbaristas #booknerdigan #booknerd #bookworm #booklove #booklover #bibliophile #lit #badassbookbabes #bookishfeatures #bookstagramfeatures
Last week, I finished Abigale Hall by Lauren A. Forry. A dark, gothic mystery and a creepy psychological thriller that hooked me from the beginning. Set during WWII, sisters Eliza and Rebecca were sent away by their aunt to work at an old, secluded mansion. Eliza's horrific nightmares added to the terror as she uncovered secrets about the house and its inhabitants. As I read, I had a lot questions and as the answers came, they were nothing like I expected. There were twists, deaths I didn't expect, and a surprising ending. 4🌟's . Thank you to @skyhorsepub for sending me a copy of this gorgeous book! . Synopsis: Amidst the terror of the Second World War, seventeen-year-old Eliza and her troubled little sister Rebecca have had their share of tragedy, losing their mother to the Blitz and their father to suicide. But when they are forced to leave London to work for the mysterious Mr Brownawell at Abigale Hall, they find that the worst is yet to come... . There are tales that the ghost of Mr Brownawell's bride-to-be haunts the desolate mansion, and in the village there are shocking rumours of maidservants meeting a terrible fate within its walls. But is it superstition that Eliza should be afraid of or is there something real and deadly lurking in the dark, dusty rooms of Abigale Hall? Yet vicious, cold-hearted housekeeper Mrs Pollard will stop at nothing to keep the mansion's terrible secrets, and she exerts a twisted hold over Rebecca. . To save herself and her sister descending into madness, Eliza must wage a desperate battle to escape back to London and uncover the horrifying truth before Abigale Hall claims two more victims. Taut and suspenseful, Abigale Hall is a thrilling debut from Lauren A. Forry.
Great Book to understand the world and foreign policy #books #businessbooks
Hey guys, definitely want you to check out Tellanda Wands ( @Tellandawands). They’re amazing and all handcrafted. Best of all, no two are the same so nobody will ever have YOUR wand! Prices are totally reasonable too! Free worldwide shipping! 🌍 Link in my bio! ✨
• 🎉🎉GIVEAWAY🎉🎉 🇬🇧I said it and here it is! Big thanks to @frantargaryen & @bookmarks10 for colaborating! • 🎁PRIZES🎁 ⚬INTERNATIONAL - 15€/equivalent on Amazon or Book Depository (they have to ship to you!) - Tiger Lily print by @tjlubrano ⚬NATIONAL 🇪🇸 - 4 bookmarks by @bookmarks10 - ACOMAF designs by @frantargaryen • ☑TO ENTER☑ - ♥ this post. - Comment with INT (international prize, everybody can enter) BOTH (you're from Spain & go for both) or NAT (from Spain & only want the national one) - IN THE SAME COMMENT mention 2 REAL friends and tell me your favorite book. That's 1 POINT and it's a must. - BONUS POINTS (before Sep 20th): Share on Stories for 24h. Mention me so I can reply and make sure i've seen it (2p) AND/OR repost on your account, tag and mention me so I can see it (3p). This only counts once. • ⚠RULES⚠ - Follow me & colaboration accounts. - Be +18 or have consent. - No giveaway/private/shops accounts. - Only ONE comment per person. - Open till Sep. 20th at 11.59pm (Spain). - Same person CANT win twice. - Not my responsability if prizes get lost. ---- 🎉🎉SOTEO🎉🎉 🇪🇸¡Lo dije y aquí estoy! Gracias a @bookmarks10 y @frantargaryen por colaborar 💙 • 🎁PREMIOS🎁 ⚬ INTERNACIONAL - 15€/equivalente en Amazon o Book Depository (han de enviar a vuestro país) - Print de Tigrilla de @tjlubrano ⚬ NACIONAL 🇪🇸 - 4 marcapáginas a elegir de @bookmarks10 - Diseños ACOMAF por @frantargaryen • ☑CÓMO PARTICIPAR☑ - Dar ♥ al post. - Comenta con INT (para el premio internacional, todos podéis participar) BOTH (ambos premios desde España) o NAT (solo premio nacional desde España) - Menciona (obligatorio) en EL MISMO COMENTARIO a 2 amigos REALES y dime tu libro favorito. Esto es 1 PUNTO. - PUNTOS EXTRA (antes del 20/09): Comparte en Stories durante 24h mencionándome y así confirmar que lo he visto (2p) y/o haz repost con mención y tag para poder verlo (3p). Solo cuentan una vez. • ⚠NORMAS⚠ - Seguir mi cuenta y colaboradoras. - Tener +18 o permiso. - No cuentas giveaway/privadas/tiendas. - Solo UN comentario por persona. - Abierto hasta el 20 de Sep, 23.59h (España) - La misma persona NO puede ganar ambos premios. - No me responsabilizo en caso de pérdida.
#Repost @thelunawoodelf So I just wanted to talk about @bookofthemonth and how happy I am with this company! I signed up and by nature I second guess everything. So I emailed the company and they were so sweet! I mean, just so personal and not a robot. So I stayed and I am so happy!!! Love love love this company!! #botmmember • • • #bookofthemonth #bookishfeatures #bookstagramfeature #booklover #bookporn #bookworm #booklover #books #outdoorlife #reading #wordsarelife #mustread #thesunisalsoastar #chemistry #theblinds #windfall #intothewater #andwereoff #readwithus #bibliophile
Ciao lettori!!! Ho bisogno dei vostri consigli!! Mercoledì partiamo e staremo fuori una settimana, ovviamente, in valigia, non possono mancare i libri!! Avevo pensato di portarne un paio tra i Feltrinelli, dato che sono piccoli e facili da portare in giro. Solo che sono indecisa! 😅 Quali mi consigliereste di portare tra quelli in foto?? G. . . #libri #leggere #lettura #amoleggere #feltrinelli #book #booklover #bookworm #booknerd #bookporn #bookpic #bookish #bibliophile #librisuilibri #libriovunque #letture #instalibri #bookstagram #bookphotography #instagood #fotodelgiorno #books #bookaholic #passionelibri #romanzo #bookaddicted