There’s no rule that kids’ birthday parties have to be splashed with cartoon characters, primary-colored balloons and superheroes, say business partners and mom-friends Gabriella Toscan and Dorothée Monestier. In fact, they prefer a more sophisticated, design-forward aesthetic, which is why the owners of Paris-based My Little Day ( @mylittleday) offer party supplies and decorations with both children and grownups in mind. “This is a different way of considering kids,” says Gabriella. “It’s more about bringing them into the parents’ lives with things that are cool and fun.” Gabriella and Dorothée began forming this philosophy before they became parents themselves. During college, the two dressed up as princesses and pirates to entertain at children’s parties, and before long drew up plans for activities, decorations and themes that were chic and a hit with the little ones. Nowadays, My Little Day has enough party designs and themes to fill up several childhoods, while the mission has remained the same. “The first idea we had — which was to help other moms entertain — is still there,” says Gabriella. Watch our Instagram story now to learn how to throw the perfect summer party with My Little Day. Photo by @mylittleday

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